Government Programs in Arizona


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Arizona offers several federally funded programs to help state residents who need assistance. These federally funded programs for low income families can provide housing, unemployment compensation, food assistance and medical insurance, among other services. Arizona’s federal programs offer helpful support to eligible individuals and families. To participate in these AZ programs funded by the federal government, it is important to first understand the eligibility criteria and application guidelines for each program. Below, you will find the five main federally funded benefits programs in Arizona. Review these programs to learn more about qualifying for assistance, applying for benefits and more.

Arizona Family Assistance Services

The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) works with community organizations throughout the state to connect families and children to the various financial services available to them. For instance, the family assistance program under the DES provides low-income residents with benefits, such as free food and nutrition resources. However, applicants must meet the income limit for food stamps if they wish to obtain benefits under the state’s Nutrition Assistance (NA) program. To meet Arizona food stamp income eligibility requirements, household incomes must not exceed a certain amount based on the size of their family units. Furthermore, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (known as TANF) is available to qualifying households in need of cash assistance. However, families must meet TANF requirements in order to obtain these benefits, including household income restrictions. Additionally, school lunch and breakfast programs in Arizona are available to financially needy families with children. To learn more about finding a family assistance plan in Arizona, download our comprehensive guide.

Arizona Employment Services

The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) provides employment services to residents requiring job assistance. In addition to employment services, the DES provides unemployment benefits to Arizona residents who are eligible to receive them. The U.S. Department of Labor distributes funds to states for various employment and unemployment services that are used for these benefits and services. Employed and unemployed workers and their families may benefit from the monetary and/or job placement and training assistance the departments offer. Not only can residents obtain unemployment compensation to help them and their families recover from financial hardships, but they can also capitalize on educational opportunities to better their current situations in the future. Because the state recognizes that the struggles its residents face extend beyond the need for immediate financial relief, unemployment assistance seeks to provide residents with comprehensive benefits that match their employment and educational goals. To learn more about financial aid assistance and if they are eligible, residents may review the following sections. For more details about the services the AZ Department of Economic Security offers, download our full guide here.

Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development

The Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development helps residents of the state obtain and keep housing, as well as working in other ways to enrich Arizona communities. The department offers homebuying benefits to certain residents based on eligibility requirements for home buying assistance. These homebuyer benefits are especially reserved for low-income households and living areas. Most of the buying and home renting benefits provided by the Department of Housing take the form of loans, grants and credits offered to Housing Partners of the department. Arizona Department of Housing Partners may be developers, government entities or other organizations, and they help to offer affordable housing and have the goal of revitalizing neighborhoods. Most of the homebuying benefits offered by the Department are funded by the federal government.

Arizona Health Services

Being familiar with the Arizona Health Care Services that may be available to you is of the utmost importance. Programs like Medicaid Insurance, which is also referred to as Medical Assistance, provide essential coverage to low-income state residents who meet certain eligibility requirements. Additionally, Medicare insurance and Obamacare offer low cost insurance in Arizona, but each carries their own eligibility requirements, expected costs and benefits, making it important to understand each type of medical insurance that may be available to you. Learn more about these and other Arizona health care programs, including Medicaid eligibility requirements, Medicare coverage options, how to access health care coverage for children, how to purchase health insurance through Obamacare and much more.

Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT)

Obtaining an Arizona drivers license from the DOT is a multi-step process. You must first acquire a learners permit and then take a drivers license test to be eligible for driving credentials. Through this process, you can obtain a regular drivers license, commercial drivers license or a motorcycle license. Arizona DOT is also the agency responsible for issuing an ID card to non-drivers and regulating motorcycle and car registrations for vehicles belonging to residents of the state. Vehicle owners will need to obtain an Arizona vehicle title for registration purposes and to receive new registration plates, which allow motorists to drive their vehicles on public roads. Most DOT services are available online but some must still be done in person. Information about drivers services in Arizona is crucial for residents of the state.