Arizona CDL Services

Interested Arizona residents can learn how to apply for a commercial drivers license (CDL) and to fulfill the CDL license requirements to operate a commercial vehicle. A commercial driver license test and physical exam are part of the application process through the Federal Commercial Motor Safety Administration (FCMSA) regulations. This screening process has the effect of removing under qualified drivers from the road as part of a nationwide effort to eliminate under qualified commercial drivers. The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act has established many of these requirements for CDL licensure. Download our detailed guide to find out more about Arizona’s requirements for licensing.

CDL endorsements necessary for certain vehicles or loads may require additional testing. Arizona drivers should review a CDL endorsement list necessary for their vehicle to determine which CDL written exam to take. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) provides much of the information on how to pass the CDL exam and obtain CDL credentials. Applicants can learn how to pass the CDL exam through a study manual as well as practice questions to check performance.

All CDL medical requirements determine if the applicant is able to receive a license. A certified physician performs a CDL physical to check the driver’s ability to perform behind the wheel. The CDL medical exam will check vision and hearing as well as conduct tests. These CDL medical exam requirements are necessary throughout the driver’s licensing period. Drivers may be subject to another physical when they renew commercials drivers license credentials and endorsements. Not meeting the medical requirements may be cause for a suspended CDL, which drivers will need to restore to continue to drive legally. After meeting the qualifications to reinstate a CDL, drivers may be subject to fines.

The mandatory CDL physical exam may be the responsibility of the applicant. The cost of commercial driver license renewal will depend on the endorsement held by the driver. All of these are factors an Arizona applicant should be aware of when completing an initial application and renewing his or her license. Review this information to facilitate the CDL process and begin driving a commercial vehicle.

How to Obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Arizona

Commercial drivers licenses (CDLs) in Arizona maintain several CDL license requirements that will affect those drivers who are interested in operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). The CDL drivers license is an authorization that allows a driver to operate vehicles of varying weights, sizes and safety classifications for work. The type of vehicle that a licensed driver will be able to operate will depend on the initial CDL license application, required endorsements and his or her certified medical condition. The process for how to apply to a commercial drivers license is quite straightforward, requiring only two major visits to the nearest Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) office. Drivers will need to first obtain a commercial drivers license learner’s permit and second obtain a full license for commercial vehicles. Interested applicants should review each of these visits to facilitate their application process and begin driving in the state of Arizona. Read More

CDL Endorsements in Arizona

The commercial drivers license (CDL) in Arizona may be enhanced by a number of CDL endorsements that require applicants to apply and qualify for as well as take a separate knowledge exam. The different types of CDL endorsements that become available to an applicant will depend on the type of vehicle he or she self-certified on the initial application. These CDL license endorsements types will align with a specific weight class and will require additional training and skills requirements. For some endorsements, such as those for hazardous materials or school bus operation, the federal government requires additional training and background checks as well. Arizona applicants should review the CDL endorsement list and use this information to prepare for the CDL application as well as the required tests. Read More

Arizona Commercial Driver License Exams

The commercial driver license test in Arizona comprises of two major portions: the written exam and the driven test. Applicants should note that the CDL written exam comprises of first a general knowledge test and then an assortment of specialized knowledge tests depending on the CDL endorsements an applicant has selected. The driven CDL test portion comprises of a three-part examination conducted first on a closed course and then on a predetermined driving route. Both of these commercial driver license tests surround rating an applicant on his or her ability to skillfully operate a commercial vehicle and will make up the body of the application process. In order to learn how to pass the CDL exam, applicants should review both exam-types and the kinds of exercises within them in order to facilitate the testing process and begin driving in Arizona. Read More

Medical Examination Requirements for CDL Holders in Arizona

All CDL-holders in Arizona must pass the CDL physical in Arizona every 24 months in order to maintain their licensing. In addition, a CDL medical exam must be completed by an authorized physician for any motorist interested in obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or commercial learner’s permit (CLP). The CDL physical exam must show that the Arizona CDL holder or applicant is physically and medically fit enough to properly operate a commercial vehicle. Therefore, it is important for drivers to understand the details of what the necessary tests are so that drivers can be prepared before taking the CDL medical exam in Arizona. To complete the CDL medical requirements, there are certain forms that must be filled out and those forms must be completed only by qualified medical professionals. Read More

How to Renew a CDL in Arizona

How much does it cost to renew commercial drivers license in Arizona and what are the steps to renew CDL credentials? Drivers who need to renew commercials drivers license privileges must do so before the license expires. Like regular driver’s licenses, a CDL has an expiration date that requires renewal to remain an authorized CDL driver. The cost of commercial driver license renewal varies because the fee amount is dependent on the class and type of CDL that is being renewed. Likewise, renewing CDL endorsements can add to the overall renewal cost. The commercial drivers license renewal process may also call for motorists to complete a physical. It is critical that the CDL-holder understands the steps involved with the CDL renewal so that he or she can be properly prepared and anticipate a smooth process. There is a lot of pertinent information regarding the renewal process for a CDL in Arizona of which professional drivers must be aware. Read More

How to Reinstate a CDL in Arizona

A suspended CDL is the temporary removal of a driver’s privilege to drive commercial vehicles. A suspended CDL license can occur for various reasons including failing to maintain eligibility for authorization or committing multiple traffic violations. The suspension period can vary in length depending on the reason for the suspension. After the commercial drivers license suspension period has ended, it is the driver’s responsibility to apply for a suspended CDL license reinstatement. It is crucial that CDL-holders understand why a suspension could occur, how long the suspension can last and how to properly reinstate suspended CDL license to avoid further problems.