Medical Examination Requirements for CDL Holders

All CDL-holders in Arizona must pass the CDL physical in Arizona every 24 months in order to maintain their licensing. In addition, a CDL medical exam must be completed by an authorized physician for any motorist interested in obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or commercial learner’s permit (CLP). The CDL physical exam must show that the Arizona CDL holder or applicant is physically and medically fit enough to properly operate a commercial vehicle. Therefore, it is important for drivers to understand the details of what the necessary tests are so that drivers can be prepared before taking the CDL medical exam in Arizona. To complete the CDL medical requirements, there are certain forms that must be filled out and those forms must be completed only by qualified medical professionals. For more information on CDL physical exam requirements, review the sections below.

CDL Medical Requirements in Arizona

To pass the CDL physical test, the driver must prove that he or she is fit to drive a commercial vehicle at the present time and into the foreseeable future. This requires that the driver meet certain CDL medical exam requirements that prove that he or she does not have any medical issues that could interfere with his or her driving abilities. Furthermore, the CDL exam must prove that the driver is not likely to develop any conditions in the next two years and that any current minor conditions will not worsen.

Tests completed during a typical CDL physical include a blood pressure test, urinalysis, vision test and hearing test. There are certain CDL physical exam requirements in terms of the results for those tests. Certain results are considered “standard” and any results that do not meet the standard can disqualify the driver from renewing or obtaining his or her commercial driver’s license. In addition to the tests, a full physical examination will also be performed by a physician. This CDL physical exam is done to check the body for any abnormalities. Abnormalities do not necessarily mean that the driver does not meet the CDL medical exam requirements or is disqualified from renewing his or her CDL. There are some conditions that do not interfere with a driver’s ability to operate a commercial vehicle and other conditions that simply require a waiver from a medical examiner. However, certain conditions found in a CDL medical exam will deem the driver unfit for driving commercial vehicles, and this is determined and declared by the medical professional. For more information on the tests performed and the results necessary for the driver to renew or receive his or her CDL, download our comprehensive guide.

Forms for the CDL physical in Arizona

There are two CDL medical exam forms that are required to be filled out in order for a driver or applicant to successfully fulfill the necessary requirements. The first form used in the CDL physical is called the Medical Examination Report (MER) and the second is called the Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC). The first form, the Medical Examination Report, must be filled out by both the driver and the medical professional. As a key component in completing the CDL physical in AZ, the driver must fill out the medical history portion of the Medical Examination Report. In addition, the CDL medical exam requires personal information to be provided by the motorist, and then the remainder of the MER must be filled out by the medical examiner. The purpose of the MER is to record results from the hearing, vision, urinalysis and blood pressure tests performed and to document the results from the physical examination after it has been completed.

The Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC) is completed after the CDL physical exam has been performed only if the medical examiner has determined that the motorist is physically qualified to operate a commercial vehicle. The CDL medical examination form allows the medical professional to declare that the driver is fully qualified for the next one or two years, or that the driver is qualified only under certain conditions. For example, the medical examiner can state that the driver is qualified, but only when he or she is wearing their corrective lenses, hearing aids, or utilizing other authorized assistance. This still enables the driver to fulfill the CDL medical requirements. After the form has been filled out and signed by both the medical examiner and the driver, it must be provided to the Medical Review Program in Arizona. For more information on both of the CDL medical exam forms and where to send them once completed, download our guide.

Who can fill out and sign the forms?

In order to fulfill the CDL physical exam requirements, both the Medical Examination Report and the Medical Examiner’s Certificate must be filled out and signed. Only specific medical professionals can complete the Arizona CDL physical by signing those documents, and they are listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.