How to Renew a CDL in Arizona

How much does it cost to renew commercial drivers license in Arizona and what are the steps to renew CDL credentials? Drivers who need to renew commercials drivers license privileges must do so before the license expires. Like regular driver’s licenses, a CDL has an expiration date that requires renewal to remain an authorized CDL driver. The cost of commercial driver license renewal varies because the fee amount is dependent on the class and type of CDL that is being renewed. Likewise, renewing CDL endorsements can add to the overall renewal cost. The commercial drivers license renewal process may also call for motorists to complete a physical. It is critical that the CDL-holder understands the steps involved with the CDL renewal so that he or she can be properly prepared and anticipate a smooth process. There is a lot of pertinent information regarding the renewal process for a CDL in Arizona of which professional drivers must be aware.

When to Renew a CDL in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, a CDL renewal must be completed approximately every five years and before the license officially reaches its expiration date. Drivers can find out when to renew CDL license privileges by looking for the date on their card. It is critical that CDL-holders plan to renew the commercial driver’s license before the expiration date and not afterward. If the CDL expires before the motorist renews it, then he or she will lose driving privileges and need to apply for a new CDL. Drivers will need to remain aware of their CDL expiration date, as an expiration notice will not be sent to the motorist before the five-year expiration date approaches.

Renewing CDL endorsements are equally as important as renewing the license itself. CDL endorsements may expire at a different time than when the actual license. To renew CDL license endorsements, motorists may need to initiate the process well in advance. For instance, drivers will need to apply for the background record check (BRC) at least 60 days before its expiration. Since CDL endorsements may require additional knowledge test, drivers should begin the renewal process with enough time to retake exams as needed. Similarly, an authorized doctor may need to complete a CDL physical on a driver to indicate he or she meets the physical requirements to obtain a CDL drivers license renewal.

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Arizona Commercial Drivers License Renewal

When it is time for motorists to renew CDL license credentials in AZ, they must local their Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office. The CDL drivers license renewal process can only be completed in person. The MVD CDL renewal may not be completed by mail, phone or online. Before heading to an MVD office, CDL-holders must verify that the location is equipped to handle CDL services, as there are specifically authorized offices.

For a CDL drivers license renewal, drivers should also gather all documents necessary for the CDL renewal process beforehand as well as prepare to pay the renewal fee. This may include making an appointment with a physician for a CDL medical exam to obtain the medical examination certificate if needed. A CDL renewal is very similar to the application process, and drivers will need to furnish much of the same information. The documentation needed to renew CDL license authorization includes the currently issued Arizona CDL, a fully completed medical examiner certificate signed by both the motorist and the authorized medical examiner as well as proof of the motorist’s legal presence in the United States. In addition, the CDL-holder must provide proof that Arizona is his or her state of residence. This means that documentation must be provided to prove that the motorist is a current Arizona resident. It is critical that the CDL-holder understands what the required documentation is because the CDL will not be renewed without each piece of information.

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Renewing CDL Endorsements in Arizona

Part of a commercial drivers license renewal is renewing any endorsement associated with the license. Although drivers must complete the MVD CDL renewal process in person, some endorsements may be renewed online or by phone. Renewing CDL endorsements, like the hazardous materials endorsement (HME), will require taking a knowledge test. Drivers will have multiple times to take this test, up to a limit, but cannot retake the exam multiple times in a single day. Drivers may also need to initiate the CDL renewal with another government agency before visiting an MVD location in Arizona. For instance, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) performs and files BRCs for CDL-holders.

Cost of Commercial Driver License Renewal in Arizona

How much it costs to renew a commercial drivers license may vary depending on the class of vehicle the motorist operates as well as the endorsements attached. Each renewed CDL endorsement may have an additional fee on top of the general renewal fee. Drivers, renewing CDL credentials for the first time, will discover that it is more expensive than renewing a regular license. Motorists must also be aware that any required physical exam is at their expense unless otherwise indicated by their employer.