Arizona Drivers License Services

To obtain an Arizona drivers license or receive official documentation regarding your vehicle, you must go through the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT oversees all driver-related services, such as administering your drivers license test and assigning you a class, as well as issuing identification cards to non-drivers in the state. If you need a drivers license renewal, then you will need to visit or contact the DOT to receive an updated license. The DOT also provides a replacement drivers license if you lose yours and temporary licenses to use while you wait for your new license to arrive in the mail.

If you need anything updated on your drivers license, then you will need to go through the DOT to make those changes. If you need a drivers license name change after getting married, then you will need to fill out forms at the DOT or online through the DOT site. The same applies if you need a drivers license change of address from a recent move or are planning to move soon. It is important to keep information on Arizona drivers licenses updated, as penalties and problems can incur with outdated credentials. The DOT can also provide a veteran designation on license cards to drivers who wish to show their veteran status and are willing to provide proof of military service.

Most DOT drivers license services are provided both online and in person for the highest level of convenience. You can earn your learners permit completely online through DOT-approved courses and receive your permit in the mail afterward. You can take the written portion of your drivers test online before going to the DOT in person to take the driving portion of the exam and reduce the amount of time you spend there. You can also obtain your ID card faster if you do at least some of the application online. There are many ways to earn a drivers license in Arizona but they all involve taking a driving test at the Arizona DOT. No matter what license you are applying for or what service you need from the DOT, it is important to always be prepared and fully informed. To learn more about the services provided by the Arizona DOT and how to use these services, you can read the driving guide available here.

How to Obtain an Instruction Permit in Arizona

An Arizona learners permit is a requirement before you can obtain a drivers license in the state. You can obtain a learners permit online through the Arizona DOT website or through an approved third-party provider. To qualify for a DOT learners permit, you must meet the requirements set for each different type of instruction permit. You can apply for a DOT drivers permit for operating a standard vehicle, motorcycle or commercial vehicle. Once you have decided which permit to apply for, you can look up the study material that is specific to your chosen permit test. After obtaining your permit, you will be able to practice driving on the road or in a traffic school to prepare for the driving exam you will take later. To learn about who qualifies for a permit for driving in Arizona, which permits are available and how you can obtain one, continue reading below. Read More

How to Apply for a New Drivers License in Arizona

Before getting a drivers license in Arizona, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements established by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Additionally, new drivers license applicants must pass a few exams administered by the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Many factors can affect the different requirements of a new license application. For example, the process of how to apply for drivers license varies for drivers younger than 18 and older than 65 years of age. Prospective Arizona motorists must determine which type of license they need for before they can determine the appropriate license application process. The Arizona drivers license cost can vary based on the type of license an applicant needs. Read More

Driving Exams in Arizona

All residents must pass the drivers ed test in Arizona to possess a valid state-issued driver’s license. The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) administers the drivers test, which includes a written and driving portion, to prospective driver license cardholders. The required exams will vary depending on the type of license for which you are applying. However, all licenses require petitioners to pass the written drivers test to illustrate knowledge of Arizona driving laws and driving practices. The driving test for an Arizona license will demonstrate driving aptness and safe maneuvering. Applicants should know how to obtain an Arizona driver’s license by passing these exams. Read More

How to Renew a Drivers License in Arizona

Motorists must renew drivers license in Arizona to maintain valid driving credentials. The drivers license renewal process is available six months prior to expiration. Arizona drivers must complete a DMV license renewal when the license expires at 65 years of age. However, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Services (MVS) also requires license and vision screening renewal every 12 years. After 65 years of age, elderly drivers must renew their credentials more frequently. Applicants can learn how to renew drivers license by downloading our comprehensive guide here. Arizona drivers who wish to learn where to renew driver license credentials, along with information about photo replacement, can continue reading the sections below for more information. Read More

How to Replace a Drivers License in Arizona

It is important to replace a lost drivers license in Arizona as soon as possible. If motorists fail to obtain a replacement drivers license, then they could face fines and other penalties. State law requires all motorists to have their license while operating a vehicle. A police officer or other law enforcement official may request a license from a driver at any time. Residents will need to replace drivers license credentials if they become stolen, damaged or otherwise illegible. Drivers who do not replace lost drivers license cards and continue to drive may have their driving privileges revoked and incur violation fees. However, some motorists may go through the drivers license replacement process if they wish to change information on the card or if they have are eligible to upgrade their privileges. Read More

How to Change the Name on an Arizona Drivers License

You may be required to apply for a drivers license name change in Arizona if you have legally changed your name. You will have to change name on driving license cards with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) whenever you legally modify your name. You must apply for an MVD name change within 10 days, according to Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) law. A change of name on drivers license credentials is necessary after legally changing your name following marriage, divorce or court order. However, before changing your name on drivers license or vehicle documents at an MVD location, you must first change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to receive an updated Social Security card. Read More

How to Change the Address on an Arizona Drivers License

You must make an Arizona drivers license change of address request when you move residency within the state. As a driver, you must change drivers license address information with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) within a certain timeframe. To change address on drivers license credentials, you must report your new location to a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office. If you do not indicate a residency change to ADOT, then you may be subject to financial penalties and miss out on important notifications relating to your license and vehicles. The methods of changing drivers license address include a request made in person, online or over the phone. Read More

How to Obtain an Identification Card in Arizona

You may obtain an identification card or ID card in Arizona regardless of your age or ability to drive. An MVD ID card is available for an infant, child, adult or senior citizen. While there is no cost for a new ID card for seniors who are older than a certain age or otherwise eligible, other applicants will need to pay a fee to obtain an ID and when it needs to be renewed. The MVD ID card application can be completed by the prospective holder or by an authorized representative. Read More

Senior Drivers in Arizona

All Arizona motorists should know how to drive a car safely but as drivers age, safe driving techniques can be forgotten or become obsolete. Older motorists can take a mature driver program to improve their skills on the road and stay current on Arizona laws and driving policies. A driving course for seniors can also have other benefits such as an auto insurance discount. Car insurance discounts for seniors who take a driver improvement course vary by provider. Elderly drivers may consider cancelling car insurance altogether if driving is no longer an option for them. Some motorist surrender drivers license credentials when they no longer feel comfortable or safe driving. Read More

Veteran Drivers in Arizona

For those Arizona residents wondering, “What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license?” it is a unique status available only to current and former military personnel. A veteran designation on license and identification (ID) cards will allow a confirmed military veteran to easily identify his or her military status. This provides veterans with the ability to conveniently receive benefits from state and federal programs as well as from private businesses. Driver’s license veteran designation is available on a standard driving credential as well as a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Moreover, veteran drivers in Arizona may also be interested in learning about how to get a veteran license plate to show their pride and financial support for military veterans. Current or former military members who do not drive can request a veterans ID card, which identifies their service without the licensing requirements. Veterans may review the application processes for each of these veteran items as well as the necessary documentation to validate military status. Read More

Visitors Driving in Arizona

Arizona has several rules for visiting drivers from out of state or foreign countries, which will affect their ability to operate a vehicle while visiting the state. These visiting driver requirements largely comprise of either obtaining an in-state license or securing an International Driving Permit (IDP) before coming to the state. Those visiting Arizona on business or personal trips that require driving should be aware of all these visiting driver rules and come prepared with all of the necessary documentation. In terms of foreign visitors driving requirements, there are a number of international agreements that foreign drivers should be aware of that may affect their need to complete driver paperwork. Review each of these situations to learn how to begin driving legally in Arizona. Read More