How to Apply for a New Drivers License

Before getting a drivers license in Arizona, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements established by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Additionally, new drivers license applicants must pass a few exams administered by the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Many factors can affect the different requirements of a new license application. For example, the process of how to apply for drivers license varies for drivers younger than 18 and older than 65 years of age. Prospective Arizona motorists must determine which type of license they need for before they can determine the appropriate license application process. The Arizona drivers license cost can vary based on the type of license an applicant needs.

Applying for Your First Driver’s License

The first required step to obtain an Arizona drivers license is to complete the official drivers license application form. The application process can start online, but all drivers license services must be completed in-person at Motor Vehicle Division. The form can found online or it can be completed in person at the MVD. Drivers do not have the option to apply for drivers license credentials by mail. New applicants can obtain a DMV drivers license at participating third-party services across the state. It is essential that applicants review required drivers license information before going to the MVD to prevent any delays or rejections of the application. Applicants will need to bring in two forms of identification to verify their identity and legal residence in the U.S. Applicants can learn more about the required documentation for a new drivers license in Arizona by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Once all the paperwork has been processed applicants will be able to continue their driver’s license application process. Getting drivers license credentials requires that all applicants take a 30-question written exam. The test covers basic traffic rules and regulations and must be taken in-person at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Additionally, applying motorists must take a vision exam. The last step in the application process consists of a parking and road test. Additionally, applicants must pay the drivers license fee requirements through an accepted form of payment. The MVD and participating third-party license offices may accept different forms of payment, so drivers should contact the office before applying.

After all the new driver’s license tests have been completed and application fees have been payed, applicants will be able to take their driver’s license photo. They will leave the Department of Motor Vehicles with a temporary driver’s license which will be valid for 30 days. Applicants can expect a permanent license to arrive by mail within 10-15 business days. To learn more about applying for an Arizona driving license, motorists can click here for our comprehensive guide.

Teen Drivers Licenses

The DMV drivers license process for teens is a lengthier process. Teens between 16 and 18 years of age are eligible to apply for a Class G, “Graduated” Arizona drivers license. This license allows teenagers to drive any vehicle that does not require a motorcycle or commercial driver’s license. Before teens can learn how it get a drivers license, they must complete the Arizona state permit application process. To begin their drivers license application, the learner’s permit must be valid. Additionally, teens applying for a graduated license after holding a learner’s permit will need to complete a driver education program that is verified and approved by the Arizona MVS. If teens wish to be exempt from the driver education program, they must have their parent or guardian complete a letter in writing stating that they have completed 30 hours of supervised driving. Applicants should remember that of those 30 hours, at least 10 need to have been at night.

Teens are unable to complete the full Arizona drivers license online application, as an adult or legal guardian must sign the application. When signing the teen drivers license application, parents must sign the form with an MVD representative or a notary as witness. Teenage applicants may be able to begin the application process online and bring the form in to complete at the appointment. Teen drivers license applicants must bring in two proofs of identification. Before getting a new drivers license, teens must pass a road test. After passing the driving test and completing the application process, teens will get temporary drivers license credentials at the MVD office. Applicants should expect their permanent credentials in the mail.

Transferring an Out-Of-State Driving License

New state residents getting a drivers license in Arizona must complete the standard application process. The process will still begin with the official drivers license application form, along with two proofs of identifications. However, the written and driving skills exams may be waived if the new resident brings a valid, out-of-state driving license. When applying for drivers license credentials, new Arizona residents may need to complete a vision exam. New Arizona residents who wish to get drivers license credentials may need to pay fees for exams, if required by the MVD. Although new residents cannot complete the full application for a drivers license online, applicants may begin the process through the online service, if desired. Teens applying for a new drivers license in Arizona may not need to complete any learner’s permit or driving exam requirements if they currently hold a drivers license from out-of-state. However, teens transferring an out-of-state drivers license must obey graduated license restrictions for the first six months of holding a license.