Driving Exams in Arizona

All residents must pass the drivers ed test in Arizona to possess a valid state-issued driver’s license. The Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) administers the drivers test, which includes a written and driving portion, to prospective driver license cardholders. The required exams will vary depending on the type of license for which you are applying. However, all licenses require petitioners to pass the written drivers test to illustrate knowledge of Arizona driving laws and driving practices. The driving test for an Arizona license will demonstrate driving aptness and safe maneuvering. Applicants should know how to obtain an Arizona driver’s license by passing these exams.

Arizona Written Drivers Test

The knowledge portion of the drivers license test will be the first exam you are required to pass if you are applying for your first license as an adult. The written drivers test is also necessary for applicants who are younger than 18 years of age and applying for a class G license. The knowledge test is a 30-question multiple-choice exam taken on touch screen computers only available at the MVD or authorized third-party license offices. The written drivers exam deals with basic driving rules and regulations. Applicants are encouraged to study from the official Arizona State Driving Manual because the exam questions come directly from the book. Additionally, the MVD also provides multiple free practice tests for applicants to study.

For the written drivers test, applicants are required to pay a one-time driver’s license application fee, which includes three attempts to take the test. This gives applicants three chances to pass the computerized MVD drivers test with a score of 80 percent or higher within a 12-month period. If the applicant has not passed the exam after three attempts within a year, then he or she will need to pay the fee again. Applicants can take an audio-assisted version of the drivers exam at no extra charge by simply requesting the service at the MVD. Under a few circumstances, a verbal test can substitute the written drivers exam. Those circumstances include the following:

  • An applicant declares that he or she has an extremely low reading level and cannot read.
  • An applicant has failed both their second and third attempt at the test.
  • An applicant speaks a foreign language that the written test is not available in Arizona.

In most cases, the only way to be exempt from the written drivers exam is if you already hold a valid driver’s license from another state or qualifying country. Applicants who find themselves in this position are required to go to the MVD and request an exemption status from the written drivers test. Download our free guide for more details about obtaining driving credentials in Arizona.

Driving Exam in Arizona

The driving test consists of a road skills exam and a parking test. The driving exam will assess a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and test the driver in real-world traffic situations. This MVD drivers test can be taken at any Arizona MVD. Applicants should contact the location where they wish to be tested to make an appointment. During the driving test, applicants will drive through a preselected route with an observer who will be asking applicants to perform specific driving tasks. The observer will also grade the applicant and determine if he or she has passed the test. Teenagers younger than 18 years of age, will need to have a parent or guardian inside the vehicle while they take their driving ed test. If the applicant currently holds an out-state-license, then he or she may be exempt from taking the drivers exam and simply apply for a new Arizona license by exchanging the out-of-state license. Fees for the drivers license exam will vary depending on the type of license that is being applied for.

Medical Exams

The last drivers license exam needed in the state of Arizona is a vision exam, which is administered to every single person seeking a new driver’s license. This driver license test must be taken a minimum of once every 12 years, when drivers retake their license photo, as part of the license renewal process. However, older residents will need to take a vision test more frequently after a certain age. These ensure that everyone operating a motor vehicle in the state has suitable vision or is using the correct eyeglasses or contact lens prescription.

Motorists may need to retake certain drivers license exams if their medical doctors or family members submit documentation to the Arizona MVD claiming that they are unfit to drive for any medical reason. Medical reviews can be submitted to the MVD by any member of the community who believes a driver may be unfit to operate a vehicle safely. Once the MVD is notified, it will decide which driving exams the driver will need to retake. Motorists will have 45 days to go the MVD and complete the driving tests to maintain a valid drivers license.

Download our Arizona drivers guide for more details about driver requirements and mandatory tests.