How to Renew a Drivers License in Arizona

Motorists must renew drivers license in Arizona to maintain valid driving credentials. The drivers license renewal process is available six months prior to expiration. Arizona drivers must complete a DMV license renewal when the license expires at 65 years of age. However, the Arizona Motor Vehicle Services (MVS) also requires license and vision screening renewal every 12 years. After 65 years of age, elderly drivers must renew their credentials more frequently. Applicants can learn how to renew drivers license by downloading our comprehensive guide here. Arizona drivers who wish to learn where to renew driver license credentials, along with information about photo replacement, can continue reading the sections below for more information.

Renewing Drivers License In Arizona

Motorists must renew your expired drivers license at 65 years or age and every 12 years after getting a license to take a new picture and update their vision screening. “Can you renew your license online in Arizona?” is frequent question for all motorists in the state. Although motorists can begin the drivers license renewal online, they cannot complete the entire process online. The MVS provides an online drivers license renewal form that helps save motorists time when completing the process in person. The mandatory photo and vision test renewal does not allow motorists to renew drivers license online, although drivers can still complete tasks like the license replacement process online if necessary.

To renew driving license credentials, drivers can visit an MVS location or a participating third-party provider. These providers may provide drivers license renewal applications for drivers who cannot use the online form. To renew a driver’s license, applicants pay a driving license renewal fee, must show proof of identity and take a vision exam. If the old license is still valid, drivers can use their driving license as a form of identification during the application process. To complete the DMV license renewal process, drivers will be required to retake their license photograph. Drivers license renewal fees vary based on age. For more information on renewal fees and places to renew a license, motorists can click here for our comprehensive guide.

Renewing a drivers license for motorists older than 65 years of age is a more frequent procedure. Drivers must renew Arizona drivers license credentials every five years with a limited drivers license. Online drivers license renewal will not be available for seniors in this position. They will only be able to begin the drivers license renewal application online before completing the rest of the transaction at an MVS location or a participating third-part provider. Seniors must provide the necessary proofs of identification and retake the vision test. After the application and proofs of identification have been reviewed and applicants retake their vision exam, the Department of Motor Vehicles will provide applicants with a temporary license. Drivers will receive the permanent license by mail soon after their appointment. Additionally, some drivers license renewal periods may be different for those motorists who have licenses with medical restrictions.

Active members of the military may renew AZ driving license credentials by mail if they are not in the state at the time of expiration. To renew a drivers license by mail, military personnel can mail a completed and notarized application along with a photocopy of their current driving license and military ID. Military personnel renewing drivers license credentials must send the necessary fee and documentation to the Motor Vehicle Division’s mailing address to complete the renewal process.

Renewing a drivers license by updating the photograph helps all drivers maintain online privileges offered by the Arizona MVS. Not only can motorists begin the process to renew a drivers license online with the MVS, they may also request replacement licenses online or pay license reinstatement fees if the photo on file is valid. However, drivers who do not renew drivers license photo records may lose some MVS license privileges. Additionally, a failure to renew documents can result in financial or legal penalties for driving with an invalid license.

Although not mandatory, motorists may renew drivers license credentials to receive a newly design driving license. Drivers may request an Arizona driving license renewal and update their picture and vision screening results to receive the more secure driving license format. However, drivers may wait until the expired driving license needs renewal before completing the process. The fees for this renewal process are the same, so customers do not have to pay more for the updated credentials. Residents may simply complete the license replacement process and pay any necessary replacement fees.