How to Replace a Drivers License

It is important to replace a lost drivers license in Arizona as soon as possible. If motorists fail to obtain a replacement drivers license, then they could face fines and other penalties. State law requires all motorists to have their license while operating a vehicle. A police officer or other law enforcement official may request a license from a driver at any time. Residents will need to replace drivers license credentials if they become stolen, damaged or otherwise illegible. Drivers who do not replace lost drivers license cards and continue to drive may have their driving privileges revoked and incur violation fees. However, some motorists may go through the drivers license replacement process if they wish to change information on the card or if they have are eligible to upgrade their privileges. To learn how to replace drivers license credentials, continue reading the below topics.

Reasons for Replacing Drivers Licenses in Arizona

The reason an Arizona motorist requests a duplicate drivers license can influence the process of receiving a new card. Residents may need to update drivers license information after a change in address or a legal name change. In these cases, the cardholder may need to furnish documents or details about modification, such as a utility bill or a marriage certificate. Young adults may consider updating drivers license cards after turning 21 years of age so they may exchange their “Under 21” driver’s license for a regular license. Likewise, motorists with a graduated license may update their cards to “Under 21” driver’s licenses when applicable. Some motorists may need a new copy of drivers license credentials if something happened to their card that makes it invalid, such as it being cut or melted.

The process of replacing a drivers license in Arizona may vary depending on your situation. To apply for a duplicate drivers license in Arizona, you can apply online or in person at an Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office or authorized third-party provider. You can apply for a replacement drivers license online if the card was stolen or destroyed, you have moved to a new address or if you are eligible to upgrade your current card to an “Under 21” or regular license. You will not be able to upgrade your driving credentials if you do not meet the requirements for the Arizona license you wish to receive.

Alternatively, you must apply for an Arizona drivers license replacement in person at an MVD office or authorized third-party drivers license provider if you have modified your legal name, need to update your license photo or wish to remove your Social Security Number from the card. If you need to update your drivers license because it is about to expire, then you will also need to come to an MVD office in person since your photo will need to update your photo.

Whether going through the replacing drivers license process online or in person, the procedure can be complicated. Download our Arizona drivers guide for detailed instructions, tips and other important information on the process to replace lost drivers licenses.

Renewing, Replacing or Updating Drivers License Cards in Arizona

Arizona residents should be aware of the difference between replacement drivers licenses and ones that require a renewal before expiration. A replacement drivers license is one that will have the exact same information as the one it is substituting. A license that is nearing its expiration or past its expiration need to be renewed. To renew a drivers license, you must visit an MVD location or authorized third-party provider office, as the process is not available online.

In some cases, you may be able to replace drivers license credentials that have been damaged and near expiration. However, you may need more documentation to replace and update your drivers license if it is both lost and expired. After submitting a request to renew or update drivers license cards, you will receive a temporary Arizona drivers license. This temporary duplicate drivers license will be valid for up to 30 days. You should receive your new, permanent Arizona drivers license in the mail.

How to Replace Drivers License Online in Arizona

If you qualify to obtain a replacement drivers license online, then you may request a duplicate drivers license on the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division official website. To see if you qualify for the copy of drivers license online process, see the criteria outlined above. To apply for your MVD duplicate license in Arizona, you must provide information such as your name, the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your drivers license number. If you do not know your drivers license number, then you may have to include additional personal information like your eye color and address. Before submitting your replace lost drivers license application, you must pay a replacement fee with a major credit, debit or check card.

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How to Replace Drivers License In Person in Arizona

Updating your drivers license in person may be necessary for some situations as mentioned above. You must apply for a drivers license replacement if you meet any of these circumstances at an Arizona MVD office or an authorized third-party provider location. The directions and documents required to receive a duplicate drivers license are contingent on these specific situations. For instance, if you have changed your legal name, then you will need to bring in proof of the change with the papers appropriate to your circumstance. Having these documents on hand when you visit an office location will save you time and energy.