Senior Drivers in Arizona

All Arizona motorists should know how to drive a car safely but as drivers age, safe driving techniques can be forgotten or become obsolete. Older motorists can take a mature driver program to improve their skills on the road and stay current on Arizona laws and driving policies. A driving course for seniors can also have other benefits such as an auto insurance discount. Car insurance discounts for seniors who take a driver improvement course vary by provider. Elderly drivers may consider cancelling car insurance altogether if driving is no longer an option for them. Some motorist surrender drivers license credentials when they no longer feel comfortable or safe driving. Download our Arizona driving guide for road safety tips, information on mature driver program courses and more.

Driving Safety Tips in Arizona

There are many safe driving tips that can help you become a safer driver as a senior citizen in Arizona. It is important to learn how to drive a car safely as you age since there are some factors that can influence your ability to focus on the road. Some of the most important road safety tips include the following:

  • Avoid stressful driving situations, such as heavy traffic and poor weather
  • Avoid driving unfamiliar roads and in unfamiliar places where you may not know the road safety rules
  • Avoid driving at night or looking into the headlights of approaching vehicles, since aging eyes are typically more sensitive to bright lights
  • Avoid taking medications that can make you drowsy before driving

One of the most important safety driving tips is to have regular eye checkups to ensure you maintain good near and distance vision. You can also take a senior driving safety course, which offers curriculums designed specially for senior needs, if you need a refresher on Arizona driving safety rules and laws, such as how often drivers must renew their license once they reach a certain age. These classes can teach you how to become a safer driver and help you continue to practice safe driving techniques like keeping a four-second distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Mature Driver Courses in Arizona

Consider attending a mature driver program with mature driving lessons if you are a senior driver in Arizona who wishes to become a safer driver. Today, you can choose an on-location or online driving school for seniors depending on whether you prefer to take a class in person or from your computer. Both online and in-person driver course will present seniors with important information on driver requirements in Arizona.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers a mature driver improvement course in every state including Arizona. The AARP Smart Driver Course is an on-site driving course for seniors created for drivers 50 years of age and older. The AARP also runs an intensive driving course for seniors online that can be completed on a computer from anywhere at your pace. The online seniors advanced driving course teaches safe-driving strategies targeted for elderly drivers.

The AAA mature driver course, also known as AAA’s Roadwise Driver, is another example of a mature driver education course that can be taken in person in any state including Arizona. AAA also offers an online defensive driving course for seniors.

Senior Car Insurance Discounts in Arizona

Seniors car insurance can be expensive, as rates often increase after you turn 50 years of age. Over 50 car insurance rates may rise because senior drivers statistically are more prone to accidents. However, car insurance discounts for seniors are available by taking a mature driver course offered by a trusted organization such as the AARP or AAA. Availability and rates of discount auto insurance for seniors may vary based on your insurance provider. Check out our senior drivers car insurance guide for more information.

To find the best rates on car insurance for senior citizens, you should compare auto insurance quotes online. In addition to finding senior car insurance quotes, you can check the different ways car insurance for elderly drivers is determined. For instance, some auto insurance for seniors is based on the mileage they drive in a year.

How to Surrender Your Drivers License in Arizona

You may undergo the process of a senior’s surrender driving license voluntarily if you feel you are no longer fit to drive. The surrendered driver’s license for seniors procedure can be performed via mail or in person at your local Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). To begin the senior’s voluntary surrender of driving license process, fill out a Driver License ID/Cancellation Request form. Voluntary surrender forms for seniors can found online or at your local MVD office. Once you complete the seniors surrender driving license form, you can mail or bring the form to your nearest MVD location. As a senior, you should learn if you need to surrender drivers license credentials before the state revokes your driving privileges.

How to Cancel Your Car Insurance in Arizona

Cancelling car insurance if you are senior is the next step after you have surrendered your license. Auto insurance cancellation for seniors without a valid license should result in the immediate termination of coverage, as most providers will not cover individuals not licensed to drive. The process of seniors cancellation of vehicle insurance may vary depending on your insurer. Contact your insurance agency to ask how to cancel car insurance and let them know you wish to end the policy. Follow the steps to cancel your car insurance to stop receiving auto insurance bills and penalties for non-payment. Some providers have a cancel car insurance policy that automatically informs the state of the cancelled coverage, which may also terminate your vehicle registration. When cancelling car insurance mid-policy, ask about a refund for premiums paid in advance.