Veteran Drivers in Arizona

For those Arizona residents wondering, “What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license?” it is a unique status available only to current and former military personnel. A veteran designation on license and identification (ID) cards will allow a confirmed military veteran to easily identify his or her military status. This provides veterans with the ability to conveniently receive benefits from state and federal programs as well as from private businesses. Driver’s license veteran designation is available on a standard driving credential as well as a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Moreover, veteran drivers in Arizona may also be interested in learning about how to get a veteran license plate to show their pride and financial support for military veterans. Current or former military members who do not drive can request a veterans ID card, which identifies their service without the licensing requirements. Veterans may review the application processes for each of these veteran items as well as the necessary documentation to validate military status.

What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license, identification card and license plate in Arizona?

Veteran designation on licenses, such as those for operating a car, truck or commercial vehicle, will appear as blue text reading “VETERAN” on the face of the card. A veterans identification card will also have this distinguishing feature. Both forms of identification reduced the number of redundant cards military personnel will have to carry as proof of service. Veterans may use these specially marked licenses and identification cards to establish military status needed for certain government agencies, vendor discounts or simply as a notation of service. However, these state-issued cards may not grant the holder military permissions such as access to a base. Download our free guide for details on acquiring an Arizona license or identification card as a veteran.

How to Get a Veteran Designation License in Arizona

Veterans will need to checkmark the driver’s license veteran designation box before submitting the application through Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). To obtain a veteran designation on a driver’s license, applicants will need to also provide the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office with proof of service, which may include any active or inactive duty cards, statements of honorable service or discharge and a copy of service documents. Other acceptable proof may include veteran ID cards from a recognized veteran organization. Once MVD accepts the application and documents that establish valid veteran service, the license will need to be reprinted and may require a new license photo.

The Commercial Driver’s License veteran designation is also available in the state of Arizona, which affords veterans all of the aforementioned benefits associated with the standard driver’s license. In addition to these benefits, the veteran designation on a CDL license will allow the driver to waive the Road Skills test portion of the final exam if an application is submitted for this waiver. There are a number of requirements an active or previously active military service member must fulfill to be eligible for this waiver. Additionally, to obtain a commercial drivers license with a veterans designation, petitioners must meet the requirements for a CDL.

How to Get A Veterans ID Card in Arizona

The veteran ID card application process is very similar to the veteran designation driver’s license request. To get a veterans ID card, petitioners will need to submit an application to an MVD office and include the required documents. However, former service members can also request a federally issued veterans ID card by applying through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). New applicants must register an account to make this request while existing applicants will need to sign in. The VA has a separate veteran ID card application process that is not processed through states and will look different than obtaining an identification card through the state of Arizona.

Both the federal- and state-issued veterans identification cards do not encompass driving privileges the way that a driver’s license with a veteran designation does in the state of Arizona. This card simply identifies the cardholder as a former military service person and will benefit those veterans who do not drive or are unable to drive. Veterans may be interested in this card to still receive a convenient identification of military status without the need to complete driving tests as they age. This way, veterans can receive state and federal benefits using a veterans ID card rather than a driver’s license.

How To Get A Veteran License Plate in Arizona

Many veterans interested in receiving a driver’s license with a veteran designation may also consider obtaining a veteran license plate to financially support Arizona’s veteran services. The requirements for veterans license plates are generally the same as for receiving a veteran driver’s license. To get a veteran license plate, veterans must submit an application to an MVD office and prove their military service. The same documents as mentioned in the previous section will satisfy the veterans license plate requirements necessary to obtain a license plate in Arizona.

As part of the legal requirements for veterans license plates in Arizona, all proceeds from the purchase and renewal of veterans plates will go to the Arizona Veterans Donation Fund (AVDF), not the state’s general fund. This is a fund that contributes to the health care, education, memorial services and housing options available to Arizona military veterans. By purchasing a veteran license plate, Arizona military veterans can show their pride and financial support to the greater veteran community within the state. In addition to this, the application delineating the requirements for veterans license plates will also offer the applicant options to add on plate personalization and disability signage. Each of these customizations will incur a specific cost and may require additional forms to be submitted to the MVD office. Download our comprehensive guide to find out more about processing fees for AZ license plates and vehicle registration.