Visitors Driving in Arizona

Arizona has several rules for visiting drivers from out of state or foreign countries, which will affect their ability to operate a vehicle while visiting the state. These visiting driver requirements largely comprise of either obtaining an in-state license or securing an International Driving Permit (IDP) before coming to the state. Those visiting Arizona on business or personal trips that require driving should be aware of all these visiting driver rules and come prepared with all of the necessary documentation. In terms of foreign visitors driving requirements, there are a number of international agreements that foreign drivers should be aware of that may affect their need to complete driver paperwork. Review each of these situations to learn how to begin driving legally in Arizona.

Arizona Rules for Visiting Drivers From Out of State

There are few driver license rules for visiting drivers who are from a different state. The main rule for visiting drivers is to have a valid license from a state in the country. Drivers licenses from one state are nationally recognized in all states, which therefore exempts drivers licensed in the U.S. from having to complete special applications or licensing tests.

Although this is a convenient system that eliminates the need for visitor driving rules in the U.S., Arizona law still dictates that certain visitors falling under a specific definition of employment or residency must apply for an in-state driver’s license. Mandated driver license rules for visiting drivers include those who are staying in Arizona for an extended period of time. Arizona visiting driver requirements specify that any person remaining in Arizona for over seven months within a single year must apply for a driver’s license regardless of their permanent residence. Download our free and comprehensive driving guide for more details on Arizona driver and vehicle requirements.

This visiting driver rule is coupled with other employment and residency statuses that determine a visitor’s need for a state license. State rules for visiting drivers require those who perform work in Arizona to pay applicable income taxes. Visiting drivers currently employed in Arizona for work other than seasonal agriculture must register for a license. Out-of-state drivers will need to know how to apply for an Arizona license by transferring their current credentials.

In addition, visiting driver requirements apply to business owners who base and operate vehicles in the state, including vehicles that transport goods or passengers. Lastly, visiting drivers who have registered to vote in Arizona or placed children in school at the cost of nonresident tuition must also apply for an in-state license.

Arizona Rules for Visiting Drivers from Foreign Countries

There are driver’s license requirements for visiting foreigners in the state of Arizona. Foreign visitors requirements for driving includes specific documentation to operate a vehicle. Although many of these visitors may be licensed in their home country, not all licenses are recognized by the state of Arizona. This is because the state maintains several reciprocity agreements with other nations that allow for visitors to begin driving without the need for documentation. However, should a driver be visiting from a non-recognized country, he or she will be urged to follow strict driver’s license requirements for visiting foreigners and obtain an International Driving Permit before operating a vehicle in the state. Foreign visitors to the U.S. should evaluate each of these situations and review which category they fall under before making the trip. Download our comprehensive driving guide to learn more about Arizona requirements to operate a vehicle.

Rules for visiting foreign drivers coming from certain nations state that drivers from these countries will be allowed to operate a vehicle without the need to apply for an IDP in Arizona. These international drivers will be exempt from the foreign visiting driver requirements that state a visitor must complete either a written test or road test to drive in Arizona. Reciprocity agreements between Arizona and these countries recognize the validity of driver’s documents so that in return, Arizona drivers who visit these countries will not need to apply for an IDP either. However, here is one rule for visiting drivers from Canada that states these drivers must still complete a written test to drive but will be exempt from the driven road test.

Although an International Driving Permit is not a driving requirement for all foreign visitors, it is highly recommended for drivers from nations other than those recognized by the state of Arizona. This document is a loose driver’s license requirement for visiting foreigners and works best in combination with an English copy of a foreign license alongside the license itself. An IDP will be useful when working with state law enforcement officials or car rental agencies in Arizona. For foreign visitors dealing with law enforcement in the case of a traffic stop, an IDP will be easily identifiable. In the case of working with a car rental agency, some agencies may require additional information alongside the IDP when renting a car. Drivers who plan to visit the state of Arizona should research potential foreign visitor driving requirements and aim to provide all necessary information. Foreign drivers are strongly urged to obtain an IDP document before making the trip to Arizona state as each nation has a different application process.