Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) FAQs

  1. How long do Arizona traffic convictions show up on my MVD record?
    All convictions will appear on your driving record for five years, and insurance companies will be able to see any conviction on your record from the past 39 months.

  3. What is the difference between Traffic Survival School (TSS) and a Defensive Driving Course?
    A defensive driving course can be taken by anyone at any time to improve their performance behind the wheel and possibly lower auto insurance costs. Classes generally run for 4 hours and can be taken online. TSS is a more comprehensive program tailored for serious traffic offenders. It must be taken in person and will last for 8 hours. Missing a scheduled TSS can result in license suspension.

  5. How can I find out how many points I have on my Arizona MVD record?
    Call or email DOT and provide your full name, birth date and driver’s license number.

  7. I am a senior citizen and I just received a notice for an Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) medical review. Why did I receive this notice?
    DOT sends notices for medical review after being informed that there are concerns about an individual’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. Usually the concerned party is a relative, doctor or law enforcement officer. Follow the instructions on the letter within 45 days to avoid a driver’s license suspension or even a revocation.

  9. Can I get in trouble for driving a car without an ignition interlock system if having one was part of my DUI probation?
    There are no exceptions to driving a vehicle without an interlock system, even if your usual vehicle is temporarily out of service. If you are caught doing so, you will be required to maintain an ignition interlock system for an additional year past the original date your restriction would have ended.

  11. I lost my AZ driver’s license. If they are only issued by mail, how can I get a new copy immediately?
    When you go to an MVD office to order a duplicate license, you will be given a temporary license to use until the card arrives in the mail. You may also order your replacement online and enter a request for expedited delivery.

  13. I want to begin working at a job that requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL), but I failed my first test. How many times can I retake it?
    You have 12 months from your date of application to retest up to three times.

  15. I work as a commercial driver. I just received notice that my CDL is being suspended because I did not meet the medical standards for a CDL. What do I do now?
    You are eligible to initiate a medical review by contacting the Arizona DOT Medical Review Program. Email them at or call 602-771-2460 for more information.

  17. My vehicle was totaled in an accident and I no longer have it. What should I do now?
    If you did not reclaim your license plate, contact MVD about submitting a plate refund request. Make sure you sign off on your title and provide a copy of it to your insurance company and apply for a salvage title, if applicable.

  19. I want to learn the identity of the owner of a vehicle that often speeds in my neighborhood. If I can provide the plate number, can I have the name of the owner?
    Probably not, as you must first meet the privacy requirements outlined in Arizona state law and federal law to obtain a motor vehicle record for a car you do not own.

  21. How do I renew my disability parking placard?
    You will be mailed a notice near the expiration date for your permanent disability parking placard. At that time, you may renew it online, in person or by mail.

  23. If I move to another state, do I have to notify MVD of the move before I leave Arizona?
    The new state will notify Arizona DOT when you register your vehicles there. Note that you may continue to receive notices from MVD until this happens.

  25. I have several off-road vehicles, but I cannot find information about laws regarding their use in Arizona. Where can I find this information?
    The Arizona Game and Fish Department can provide all information required to legally operate all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and other off-road vehicles.<

  27. I am in the military and just relocated to Arizona. Can I keep my out-of-state auto insurance?
    All vehicles registered in Arizona must carry insurance provided by a company legally licensed to do business in the state. Contact MVD if you need to get information on obtaining a De-Insured Certificate on a short-term basis.

  29. What is a De-Insured Certificate?
    Arizona provides these as means to temporarily stop maintaining coverage on a vehicle that is not being driven until it is ready to go back on the road. It prevents your vehicle from being suspended if you lack acceptable insurance.

  31. How long should it take to receive my vehicle title after I pay off my car loan?
    Once your lienholder credits your final payment, you should receive the title in the mail within five business days.

  33. Can I add another owner to my vehicle’s title if I have a lien on it?
    MVD does not handle these types of transactions, but you should contact your lienholder to find out if you are able to add another owner to your title.

  35. I am temporarily disabled. Can someone else bring my vehicle for an inspection?
    Anyone who has a valid driver’s license may take care of this for you.

  37. My father is a veteran and I want to buy him a special plate. Can I do this?
    You may purchase a special plate for another person by mail or in person as long as the vehicle is registered in Arizona and all eligibility requirements are met.

  39. How can I find out which inspections are required for my vehicle registration in Arizona?
    You may go to and check the emissions and inspection requirements for your vehicle.