Arizona Motorcycle License & Registration Services

A motorcycle license and motorcycle registration are issued by the Arizona Motor Vehicles Services Department (MVD). Motorcycle driver education courses are offered by the MVD and, upon completion, will waive the requirements for a driver to pass a test to obtain a motorcycle drivers license. The state has insurance requirements to register motorcycle bikes, but undergoing a motorcycle safety program may qualify drivers to pay reduced insurance rates. Download our guide for more details about motorcycle and driving services in Arizona.

An AZ motorcycle drivers license may be obtained in addition to an existing car driver’s license. An Arizona motorcycle license grants drivers the right to drive motorcycles in the state. There different eligibility requirements for a motorcycle endorsement in comparison to a traditional driver’s license that authorizes residents to drive a car. A motorbike driving license is issued as a Class M license, but it may also be combined with other classes such as commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs).

Motorcycle driver education in Arizona is offered by the state’s Motor Vehicles Services Department in schools located in Arizona counties. Completing a state-certified motorcycle safety program will waive the MVD requirement for drivers to pass a test to obtain a motorcycle license. Another benefit to motorcycle classes is that a driver may qualify for reduced insurance rates for taking and passing the course. Every AZ motorcycle driver education program follows the same course content and requires students to pass the same tests, regardless of the location where the course is held.

An Arizona motorcycle registration has similar requirements to a car registration. When registering motorcycle bikes, the motor vehicle has to be covered by a liability insurance policy issued by a state-approved insurance company. An AZ driver must register motorcycle bikes with the MVD within a certain number of days since its purchase. To register an out-of-state motorcycle, the state requires drivers to apply for an Arizona title and registration, submit an emission compliance form, perform a vehicle inspection, among other requirements for motorcycle registration.

How to Obtain a Motorcycle License in Arizona

A motorcycle license in Arizona can only be obtained by a motorist who fits the eligibility requirements and follows the exact application process. It is crucial that anyone interested in obtaining a motorcycle drivers license understands the process including the tests that must be taken, the completion of either a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) course, specific driving hours and other various requirements. In addition, it is important to understand where to get motorcycle license classes and what the class M license can be used to operate. Motorists that are well-informed before beginning the licensure process are able to determine whether a motorbike driving license is a good fit for them and help the process to go as smoothly as possible. Read More

Arizona Motorcycle Driver Education Program

Completing a motorcycle driver education course provides many benefits to those who take it. Motorcycle classes are good for motorists who are interested in obtaining a motorcycle license or motorcyclists who want to refresh their skills. Prospective bikers can learn how to ride a motorcycle while seasoned riders can hear current information about Arizona driver requirements and driving laws. It is very important for interested applicants to fully understand if the Arizona motorcycle classes are required to receive a motorcycle license and how to enroll in a motorcycle training course if needed or desired. There are many benefits that can be achieved by participating in a motorcycle license class, and interested applicants should know details about what is taught in the program. Understanding what is going to be taught in the classes will help applicants be prepared for what they will be learning before the course begins. Read More

How to Register a Motorcycle in Arizona

Residents must pursue a motorcycle registration from Arizona’s Department of Transit Motor Vehicle Division before they can legally ride their motorcycles on the road. Owners have a limited amount of time in which to register motorcycle bikes after the purchase to remain in compliance with state law. The rules regarding the registration of a motorcycle vary slightly from those governing the registrations of other vehicles, as do some of the fees applied. Before registering motorcycle bikes, owners will benefit from ensuring they understand the process and gathering all the documentation they will need to complete the process quickly and efficiently. Read More