Arizona Motorcycle Driver Education Program

Completing a motorcycle driver education course provides many benefits to those who take it. Motorcycle classes are good for motorists who are interested in obtaining a motorcycle license or motorcyclists who want to refresh their skills. Prospective bikers can learn how to ride a motorcycle while seasoned riders can hear current information about Arizona driver requirements and driving laws. It is very important for interested applicants to fully understand if the Arizona motorcycle classes are required to receive a motorcycle license and how to enroll in a motorcycle training course if needed or desired. There are many benefits that can be achieved by participating in a motorcycle license class, and interested applicants should know details about what is taught in the program. Understanding what is going to be taught in the classes will help applicants be prepared for what they will be learning before the course begins. For more information on motorcycle driving education, review each of the sections below.

What is taught in Arizona motorcycle driving school?

Those who can participate in a motorcycle safety program include motorcyclists of all skill levels, from applicants who have never been on a motorcycle before to experienced motorcyclists who want to refresh their skills and learn new maneuvers. The motorcycle training courses approved by the ADOT Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) are taught by experienced professional motorcycle instructors who teach beginners how to ride a motorcycle and teach experienced cyclists new riding techniques and practical skills. Participants can expect to practice riding a motorcycle on the motorcycles provided by the class instructors in addition to acquiring real-world street strategies in a classroom or online setting as well. Novice participants will learn to ride a motorcycle and develop safe habits through practice and instruction by skilled teachers, which will help when students apply for a motorcycle license.

In addition to basic motorcycle safety, students will learn about the different motorcycle types and determine which motorcycle is the best fit for them. The information provided in a motorcycle safety course will enable motorcyclists of all skill levels to safely operate a motorcycle and understand all traffic laws pertaining to motorcyclists. For more information on what is taught in the motorcycle courses that Arizona offers, download our guide here.

How to Enroll in Motorcycle Courses in Arizona

Enrolling in motorcycle classes in Arizona requires that the applicant locate his or her nearest MVD-approved motorcycle training school. There are over a dozen approved motorcycle classes in the state of Arizona. Interested motorcyclists can find the various locations and determine which one will work best for them. In order to enroll, the applicant must contact the desired motorcycle driving school either by telephone or in-person at the location.

Registration for motorcycle classes will require basic personal information to be provided and a credit or debit card to be placed on file to pay the course fee. Scholarships are also available on a first-come-first-served basis for those interested in participating in motorcycle classes. The scholarships are awarded through the Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation to Arizona residents older than 15 years and 6 months of age. Motorcycle education scholarships can greatly reduce the cost of a Basic Rider Course (BRC) at participating locations.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Safety Course in Arizona

Taking a motorcycle driver education course is not a requirement in the state of Arizona for individuals older than 18 years of age. Adults learning how to apply for a motorcycle license will find that they just need to complete and pass the road and written test. However, individuals between 16 and 18 years of age must participate in an MVD-approved motorcycle safety program or have their legal guardian certify that they have completed 30 hours of motorcycle riding practice on their own to obtain a motorcycle license or endorsement. Although the education program is not a requirement for becoming a motorcycle license-holder or renewing a current license, it is highly recommended by the state as the course includes many benefits for the driver.

Participants who have successfully completed a motorcycle education course may be eligible for reduced insurance rates through certain insurance companies. Many insurance companies will offer a discount on monthly insurance coverage rates to motorcyclists who have fully completed a motorcycle driver education course because they know the participants are well educated on traffic laws and how to operate a motorcycle safely.

One component of motorcycle driver education is that each student must take and pass both a written motorcycle knowledge exam and an on-cycle skills evaluation. After the completion of both exams, the student will receive a completion card that waives the testing that is normally required at an MVD when obtaining a motorcycle license or endorsement. To learn more about the benefits offered after the completion of a motorcycle safety class, download our guide found here.