How to Obtain a Motorcycle License

A motorcycle license in Arizona can only be obtained by a motorist who fits the eligibility requirements and follows the exact application process. It is crucial that anyone interested in obtaining a motorcycle drivers license understands the process including the tests that must be taken, the completion of either a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) course, specific driving hours and other various requirements. In addition, it is important to understand where to get motorcycle license classes and what the class M license can be used to operate. Motorists that are well-informed before beginning the licensure process are able to determine whether a motorbike driving license is a good fit for them and help the process to go as smoothly as possible. To learn more about getting your motorcycle license, read the sections below.

Class M Motorcycle License in Arizona

An Arizona class M motorcycle license is required for a motorist to operate any motor-driven cycle, including a motorcycle. The vehicles that can be used with a motorcycle license include motorcycles and motor-driven cycles. In the state of Arizona, a motorcycle is defined as a motor vehicle that has a seat or saddle where the driver sits, and the vehicle is designed to travel with no more than three wheels in contact with the ground, excluding a tractor and moped. Arizona defines a motor-driven cycle as a motorcycle and every motor scooter with a motor that produces less than five horsepower, including a moped.

Other Motorcycle Class Licenses Available in Arizona

In addition to the class M motorcycle license, the state of Arizona also has three other classes of licenses. While they are not specifically motorcycle licenses, they each can have a motorcycle endorsement added to a standard license that provides the driver with permission to operate any motor-driven cycles. The first is a class G (graduated) license. The class G license allows a driver between the 16 and 18 years of age to operate any vehicle that does not require a commercial drivers license as long as a motorcycle endorsement is added. Next, a class D (operator) license with a motorcycle endorsement allows a driver to operate any vehicle that does not require a commercial license. Finally, the class A, B or C (commercial) licenses with a motorcycle endorsement allows the motorist to drive heavyweight vehicles, vehicles capable of carrying 16 or more passengers or vehicles that are placarded for hazardous materials, in addition to a motorcycle.

For more information on these additional classes of licenses in Arizona, download our comprehensive driving guide.

Steps to Obtain an MVD Motorcycle License in Arizona

Receiving a license for motorcycle driving requires proper screening and testing. To obtain a full bike license, you must be at least 18 years of age and will need to pass both a written knowledge test and a motorcycle skills test. Applicants will need to prove that they meet the minimum age requirement for the full license.

Questions asked on the written test for a motorbike driving license is based on the information contained in the Motorcycle Operator Manual. Applicants may be able to find practice tests for motorcycle license online to prepare for the knowledge exam, which must be taken by anyone obtaining or renewing an Arizona license. In addition, if you have not already obtained a driver license, then you must take a separate driver license test based on driving rules in Arizona. There is a motorcycle license cost to take the tests. One application fee allows you to have three attempts to pass the tests in a 12-month period.

After the written motorcycle license tests are completed, a motorcycle skills test is required. This MVD motorcycle license test typically lasts from 10 to 15 minutes and allows you to demonstrate your riding ability including performing basic maneuvers on a closed track. If you have a current out-of-state motorcycle license from a state that requires a similar motorcycle skill test, then you will not be required to take the skills test again. Motorcycle-license holders from other states will just need to know how to transfer an out-of-state license to Arizona to obtain bike credentials. Getting a motorcycle license online is not an option, as the application process must be completed in-person at an MVD location since the road test is required.

Steps to Obtain a Motorcycle Instruction Permit in Arizona

Full bike licenses in Arizona are only available for adults. However, applicants younger than 18 years of age may obtain a motorcycle drivers license if they know how to apply for and receive a motorcycle instruction permit first. The permit is valid for seven months and can be renewed one time within a period of 24 months. During the time you hold the motorcycle instruction permit, you must complete either an MVD-approved motorcycle training course or at least 30 hours of motorcycle riding practice to receive a full bike license.

To obtain a motorcycle instruction permit, you must be at least 15 years and six months of age and you must apply at the local MVD office, pass both a vision screening and a written test and pay a fee. If you do not currently have a class D driver’s license or class D instruction permit, then you must take a written driver’s licensing exam as well. For more information on obtaining a motorcycle permit and the fees involved, download our comprehensive guide.

Note: Before you receive your motorcycle license and while you hold your motorcycle instruction permit, you cannot carry passengers, cannot drive on freeways or interstate highways and cannot drive after sunset or before sunrise or at any time where it is not light enough to properly see other vehicles or people from a distance of 500 feet.