How to Register a Motorcycle in Arizona

Residents must pursue a motorcycle registration from Arizona’s Department of Transit Motor Vehicle Division before they can legally ride their motorcycles on the road. Owners have a limited amount of time in which to register motorcycle bikes after the purchase to remain in compliance with state law. The rules regarding the registration of a motorcycle vary slightly from those governing the registrations of other vehicles, as do some of the fees applied. Before registering motorcycle bikes, owners will benefit from ensuring they understand the process and gathering all the documentation they will need to complete the process quickly and efficiently.

Applying for Arizona Motorcycle Registration

Residents investigating how to register motorcycle bikes in Arizona are advised to begin with the Title and Registration Application form. Owners cannot register motorcycle online initially, as the process requires new owners to make the request in person. This is true of all vehicles, in part because the MVD retains the right to require applicants and their vehicles to submit to certain basic tests, such as vision exams or emissions tests, any time an application to register a vehicle is made. However, residents can access the application form from the state website and certain approved third-party vendor sites.

To adequately complete the motorcycle registration application form, applicants will need to provide information about themselves, their motorcycles and the circumstances of the vehicles’ purchase. The MVD will ask for standard identifying information for all motorcycle registration applicants, such as full name and physical address. It will also require a semi-detailed description of the motorcycle to be registered. Owners registering a motorcycle in Arizona will need to supply the MVD with information related to the sale of a vehicle, including the date of sale and personal identifying information about the seller. At the time of his or her application for a motorcycle registration, an owner will also be required to disclose to the MVD if the motorcycle is under any liens or if other special ownership conditions apply. If there are liens or other special conditions, then applicants will be required to provide the Motor Vehicle Division with additional information on those situations. When registering motorcycles, all applicants will be offered an opportunity to voluntarily submit additional, non-mandatory personal identifying information with their applications.

State law requires that owners seeking a motorcycle registration in Arizona do so within a set period of days from the purchase date. If an individual registering a motorcycle is a licensed motor vehicle dealer, then he or she will have up to 30 days to apply for registration. Any time a vehicle is newly purchased, both the buyer’s and seller’s signatures are required on the application form. An authorized Motor Vehicle Division agent or a public notary must witness the seller’s signature but not the buyer’s. In the event that an owner is registering a motorcycle that was previously registered in another state, only his or her signature is required on the application. Download our Arizona drivers guide for more details on transferring ownership and registering a motorcycle.

Length and Expiration of Motorcycle Registrations in Arizona

Motorcycle registrations in Arizona will be valid for a designated time from the date of issuance. The expiration date of a motorcycle’s registration is dependent on the date the registration was issued. The day of the month in which motorcycle registration expires is either 15th of a month or the last day of a month. If a motorcycle is registered in the first half of the month, then it will expire mid-month. For example, a vehicle registered on April 10 would be issued a registration that expires April 15 in the year it is set to expire. If a motorcycle is registered in the latter half of the month, then it will expire on the last day of the month. For example, a motorcycle registration registered April 18 would be provided a registration that expires April 30 of the year it is set to expire. For this reason, motorcycle and another vehicle’s registration may be different.

Fee-exempted motorcycle registration is required by law to be re-registered more frequently. Residents who may be eligible for registering a motorcycle in Arizona free of charge are typically active-duty military members with a motorcycle license. Applicants not subject to this exemption may also be issued single-year registrations upon request. All such requests must be made at the time of application.

Motorcycle Registration Fees in Arizona

Applicants registering a motorcycle in Arizona will be charged a registration fee. Applicants applying for a motorcycle registration may find that they are subject to Arizona’s Vehicle License Tax (VLT) at the time of their applications. Applicants can expect to pay higher fees at third-party vendor sites than at Department of Transit Motor Vehicle Division facilities. Third-party vendors are permitted to charge convenience fees in addition to the MVD’s baseline transaction costs. Download this free guide to find out about Arizona vehicle registration fees for motorcycles and four-wheeled automobiles.

Where and How to Submit a Motorcycle Registration Application in Arizona

All applicants attempting to register motorcycles in Arizona for the first time must apply in person. The MVD will not issue motorcycle registrations to any applicants who submit incomplete or inaccurate applications. Likewise, petitioners who fail to provide all documentation needed for registering a vehicle will not receive motorcycle registration. Applicants must bring their completed applications, a valid form of payment for the fees to be assessed and proof of adequate insurance coverage.