DOT Online Services

The Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) provides drivers ed and a variety of its other services online through reliable third-party providers. You can easily access traffic school classes online to avoid points being added to your license. You can also find MVD practice exam materials to help you prepare for the written portion of your driving test. Online services make it easier for you to access certain MVD services without having to go through the hassle of going to the MVD in person or waiting for material to arrive by mail. With DOT online services, you can have instant access to all of these resources and information needed to complete services. You can request a background check from home to prepare for a job interview or obtain your driving record before you grant an employer access the personal information available on driver records. If you are buying or selling a vehicle, you can get a quick VIN check online to confirm that the vehicle is not stolen and to learn the complete history of the vehicle before you attempt to buy or sell it. You can take advantage of all these DOT online services to help make all of your DMV experiences much faster and more efficient.

Although not a direct MVD service, getting car insurance quotes online can also help make your driving experience much safer. Car insurance is mandatory in the state of Arizona and all motorists must have insurance before driving on the road. You must have minimum level insurance to legally drive in Arizona, regardless if you drive a car, commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, motorcycle or even a golf cart. You can find cheap auto insurance by comparing quotes and policies online to find the auto insurance plan that is right for you and your family. There are many factors to consider when choosing an insurance plan, such as the amount of coverage you need, how many individuals will be on your policy and how much you can afford. Having the ability to compare car insurance quotes online quickly and efficiently can make your search much more fruitful.

Arizona Traffic School

Arizona traffic school is offered to drivers who have been issued traffic citations and would like to have them dismissed to avoid accumulating points on their driver’s license. Taking an AZ defensive driving course can dismiss traffic citations that are related to certain eligible violations and were issued within a 12-month period. Traffic school online courses and in-person driving school programs are offered in Arizona. Though online driving school offerings and in-person traffic training courses vary in terms of price and convenience, they are both acceptable methods that are offered by state-certified private institutions. Read More

Arizona Drivers Ed

Arizona drivers ed is a requirement for residents who are 18 years of age or younger to apply for a graduated driver’s license after having held a learner’s permit license for at least six months. Additionally, driving lessons may be an alternative to holding a learner’s permit license for 30 days in the case of residents who are 18 years of age or older and have never been issued a license in another state or country. Driving classes offered by the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) can be of help to drivers of all ages to learn fundamental driving abilities or expand their knowledge beyond experience. Read More

Arizona Background Check

An Arizona background check can reveal a resident’s driving, criminal and financial history. Background check services are widely used by private companies and government agencies to gather historical data regarding individuals that are being considered for a job or visa application. AZ background checks for employment purposes cannot be conducted on the basis of a candidate’s gender, race, religion or other factors that pertain to his or her identity. Learn more about how to get a background check and get your background check instantly by submitting your request through a trustworthy third-party provider. Read More

Arizona DMV Practice Tests

Taking a DMV practice exam can increase your chances of passing your written driving exam on the first try. A DMV driving practice test is meant to test your driving knowledge and aptitude with Arizona state traffic laws. Taking more than one DMV practice test before attempting to take the driving exam is usually the best way to prepare and is often recommended by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). When you take your driver’s license exam, you may be faced with questions about rules and regulations that you have yet to encounter in your driving career. By taking multiple DMV practice tests available through a trustworthy third-party provider, you will be exposed to all of the material that will appear on the exam and you will not have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. To learn more about DMV practice exams, how you can access them and how they can benefit you, continue reading the sections below. Read More

Arizona Driving Records

Accessing your driving record can help you learn exactly what information employers, companies and the government have access to. Your Arizona driving record is available to view in person, online or by mail. You can learn what types of driving records are available, what information is on them and what information is not by downloading your record today through a trusted third-party provider. To help you decided if you wish to order a DMV driving record, continue reading the sections below for more information. Read More

Arizona VIN Checks

You can receive a VIN check in Arizona from your local DMV or online through a trusted third-party provider. Getting a VIN history report can help you learn the complete history of your vehicle if you purchased a pre-owned vehicle and allow you to give your insurance company your accurate vehicle information. A vehicle identification check can also be beneficial for potential car buyers and car sellers to foster a fair transaction as vehicles history reports (VHR) help provide transparency. A VIN Number check can be performed on most vehicles you buy, including motorcycles, recreational vehicles and even boat trailers. The sections below explain how to perform a VIN lookup in Arizona as well as the many reasons checking VIN numbers on the vehicles you purchase is so important. Read More

Arizona Auto Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory for all drivers in the state of Arizona. Finding cheap auto insurance to satisfy these mandates may be difficult for some, which is why there are sites dedicated to helping you choose affordable car insurance. You can find the cheapest auto insurance available by getting auto insurance quotes from a trusted third-party provider and comparing those quotes to find the one that best suits your driving and financial needs. Many companies offer a variety of insurance plans ranging from full coverage car insurance to minimum liability coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, mopeds and even golf carts. With all these policies and companies to choose from, deciding on which policy is right for you can be difficult. To help you understand how to get car insurance, why having car insurance is so important and how to decide on the plan that is right for you, continue reading the sections below. Read More