Arizona Background Check

An Arizona background check can reveal a resident’s driving, criminal and financial history. Background check services are widely used by private companies and government agencies to gather historical data regarding individuals that are being considered for a job or visa application. AZ background checks for employment purposes cannot be conducted on the basis of a candidate’s gender, race, religion or other factors that pertain to his or her identity. Learn more about how to get a background check and get your background check instantly by submitting your request through a trustworthy third-party provider.

Order Your Arizona Background Check Online

An AZ background check can be quickly and conveniently requested through a trusted third party- provider. The background check online request consists of filling out a simple digital form with the requested information, selecting which type of background records are being obtained, and paying the background search fee. The entire online background check request can be completed in minutes and the background investigation results will be delivered instantly. Click here to get immediate access.

Request an Arizona Background Check in Person

A background check in Arizona can also be obtained in person, but this method requires residents to locate an office where this service is available and to visit the location during its operating hours. If you are wondering where to get a background check in person, you should consult with the state’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) and access an updated list of offices that offer this service. However, unlike it is the case when requesting a background check online, you must account for traffic, long wait times and slower processing of results when filing a request in person. For instant Arizona background check results, file your online request here.

What is an Arizona background check?

AZ background checks are investigations that gather information about a resident’s financial, criminal and driving performance through the years. A background check report may be used by people or institutions who have an interest in learning more about an Arizona resident, but cannot be conducted on the basis of a person’s race, religion, gender or another factor that pertains to his or her identity. A background investigation in Arizona is meant to report on an individual’s standing as a citizen, not on his or her identity or personal matters.

Who can request an Arizona background check?

Background checks in Arizona are generally requested by private companies and government agencies upon hiring new employees. Additionally, a background investigation may also be requested by individuals for purposes of entering rental agreements, for instance. However, be mindful that a full, fingerprint-based criminal background search is only available in Arizona to certain government and non-profit institutions such as public schools and adoption agencies. Upon requesting AZ background records, applicants will generally be required to provide the following details about the record holder:

  • Full name and date of birth

  • Residential and/or mailing address

  • Social Security Number (SSN)

  • Physical attributes (such as gender, hair and eye color, height and weight)

A standard background check for job applicants is available to private companies to properly assess potential employees. These background checks for employers contain historical data about an individual such as his or her driving history and financial report, which may be pertinent information to the hiring company. If you do not know how to do a background check or do not have time to waste on long wait times and slow processing periods, you can order an instant background check online.

An AZ background lookup can also be relevant to property owners who would like to assess a potential tenant’s credit and financial history. A clean credit history is a significant piece of evidence for a landlord to properly evaluate whether a potential tenant is financially trust-worthy and has a high chance to pay rent regularly and on time.

Non-standard background check services such as medical screenings may be required by hospitals in order to accurately assess potential employees who are being hired for strenuous jobs in a high-pressure environment. A background check for job applicants in the medical field is typically required for personnel such as EMS and first responders.

Why is an Arizona background check used?

A background check is most commonly requested by employers and conducted during a hiring process in order to properly assess a potential employee, but a background search in Arizona is also commonly required during an adoption process, legal purchase of firearm or government sanctioned procedure. Additionally, a criminal AZ background lookup may be conducted for residents applying for public housing.

Types of Arizona Background Check Services

Arizona background records typically pertain to resident’s financial or criminal history. A financial history report may include a person’s credit score, credit card usage, student loans and filed bankruptcies. A criminal background investigation can include the details regarding a person’s arrests, convictions and general legal issues. The most significant difference between standard background checks in AZ and full criminal record searches is that a criminal background record is regulated by state laws and can only be requested through the Department of Public Safety by government or non-profit agencies.