Arizona Driving Records

Accessing your driving record can help you learn exactly what information employers, companies and the government have access to. Your Arizona driving record is available to view in person, online or by mail. You can learn what types of driving records are available, what information is on them and what information is not by downloading your record today through a trusted third-party provider. To help you decided if you wish to order a DMV driving record, continue reading the sections below for more information.

  1. Get Your Driving Record in Arizona Online

    Figuring out how to check your driving record online is the simplest of the three available methods. You can have instant access to a copy of driving record information that details your driving history and personal information. You will not have to wait in line at a DMV or have to wait seven to 10 business days for your records to reach you by mail. By downloading a 39 Month Uncertified drivers record from a reliable third-party source, you will be able to see all of your driving information from the last 39 months at the cap of a few keys. Your DMV record search will end in a matter of minutes when you choose to obtain your records online.

  2. In Person

    In addition to obtaining a DMV record online, you can fill out a Motor Vehicle Record Request at your local DMV and turn in your application there. However, to get a physical copy of your driving record you will need to wait in line to be attended even if you make an appointment beforehand. DMV wait-times can be very unpredictable, so you can be waiting at your local DMV for a few minutes to a few hours simply to gain access to your records. Your personal driving record is available at the click of a button if you choose to download it online instead, and it can save you a lot of stress and effort along the way. Getting your driving record online through a trustworthy third-party provider eliminates any additional commute to the DMV and removes any unnecessary waiting to access your records.

  3. By Mail

    Your driving record is also available by mail if you want to avoid going to the DMV, but still want a physical copy of your driving record. However, your personal driving record may be delayed or even lost in the mail. Your driving record may be considered a public record, but that does not mean just anyone can access it. Aside from employers and companies that have access for work purposes, only government entities have easy access to your driving information. You do now want your personal driving record to fall into a stranger’s hands if it gets lost in the mail for any reason. In addition, you will need to wait a few business days for your request to reach your local DMV office, then wait for your request to be processed before your driving record is finally mailed out to you. In total, this process can take about two weeks and that is not taking into consideration possible delays. Obtaining your driving record online form a trusted third-party provider is fast, easy and the most convenient way to access your records right away.

What types of Arizona driving records are available?

There are four types of Arizona driving records that you can obtain by mail, online or in person. These driving records serve different purposes and require different fees be paid to obtain them. Listed below are the records available:

  • 39-Month Uncertified Driving Record

  • 39-Month Certified Driving Record

  • Five-Year Uncertified Driving Record

  • Five-Year Certified Driving Record

Uncertified driving records are only available for personal use and can be accessed quickly and easily online through a third-party provider. Certified records, on the other hand, are usually used for legal or professional purposes and must be purchased in person to guarantee accountability and the security of the document. The DMV driving history available on both certified and uncertified records is the same, but certified records are used for official transactions, such as applying for a job or applying for drivers insurance, and are usually more expensive because of this.

What information is on your Arizona driving record?

Depending on which driving record you request, you will have access to your complete personal driving history spanning the last 39 months or five years. The information provided will include:

  • The points on your license.

  • The current status of your driver’s license and any endorsements.

  • The complete history of your traffic violations and accidents over the selected period of time.

  • The information about any suspensions or restrictions placed on your license.

  • The personal information on your license, such as your name, address, date of birth, etc.

Your driving record will also contain all of the traffic accidents you have been involved in as well as the tickets you have received even if they are not reflected as points on your driver’s license.

What information is not included in your Arizona driving record?

Your driving record only contains information on your driving violations and not any other criminal offense. Your personal driving record also does not contain sensitive information, such as your Social Security Number or your insurance policy number. The only personal information available is what is written on your Arizona driver’s license. Your driving record also does not contain your vehicle history beyond your license plate number information. To confirm this information for yourself, access your driving records online quickly through our trusted third-party provider.