Arizona Car Registration & Title Services

Motor vehicle registration and title services are under the management of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) locations administrate car registration and titling services in Arizona along with providing a suite of other vehicle-related services to drivers, vehicle owners and other residents. The MVD maintains comprehensive digital record systems that link each MVD license plate to a vehicle, its owners, its emissions testing results, its registration record and other essential information. Those systems enable the MVD to offer online tools that simplify and streamline residents’ ability to look up information about vehicle services needed and keep their titles, registrations and other key documentation compliant and up to date. Arizona residents can complete a vehicle registration renewal or replace a lost car registration using the online system or by visiting an MVD office in person. Some services, like a name change on car registration, can only be completed in person, and drivers will need to know which documents to bring for the transaction. Similarly, vehicle inspection for registration requirements cannot be completed online and vehicle owners will need to know if and when they need to schedule a test.

New car registration and a car title transfer are particularly important for buyers of newly purchased vehicles. An Arizona car title indicates who is the owner and responsible for the automobile. While a bill of sale can list the purchase transaction, sellers and buyers must transfer title ownership promptly or risk fines and penalties from the state. Even a salvage title must detail who is the current owner. Our comprehensive guide provides details and tips for driving and vehicle services in Arizona.

Knowing how to get car registration and update title information is crucial for vehicle owners in Arizona. Residents must maintain vehicle requirements by renewing car registration and keeping the license plate tag current. Likewise, MVD records must remain up to date by indicating changes to owners’ names or residence. Owners will need to change car registration address in the event that they move, otherwise, they may miss important notifications from the MVD. In the following sections, readers will find information on the driving services available to residents through the MVD, how to access those services and how to prepare for the transactions.

How to Register & Title a Vehicle in Arizona

Owners and operators must file for car registration in Arizona before they can legally drive their vehicles. The option to apply for a car registration online is available for vehicle registration renewals but it is not open to applicants submitting initial registration applications. Applicants must file for new car registration or to receive an Arizona registration for vehicles previously registered in other states in person at an Arizona Department of Transit Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) facility. Alternatively, applicants may complete a motor vehicle registration in person at an approved third-party vendor site. A DMV car registration is generally issued for one- or two-year periods depending upon the vehicle and type of registration. Applicants can prepare to complete a registration of vehicle by reviewing the application process and collecting all the necessary documentation in advance of their visit to an MVD or authorized third-party facility. Read More

How to Renew a Car Registration in Arizona

Vehicle registration renewal in Arizona can be accomplished using several different methods. DMV vehicle registration renewal may be applied for in person. Alternatively, applicants may use the Motor Vehicle Division’s (MVD) online application or automated phone system. The hours of operation for each option are available from the MVD. Late fees will be assessed on all registrations not renewed before their expiration dates. Residents may apply to renew car registration up to several months before their vehicle registrations expire, within limits set by the state. When renewing car registration, emissions testing may be required before the registration can be complete. Arizona’s MVD will send an owner a Vehicle Renewal Form to notify him or her of impending registration expiration(s). These forms also contain information a vehicle owner will need to renew his or her registration. Learn how to renew car registration, including information about the documentation and forms needed, by reading the sections provided. Read More

How to Replace a Car Registration in Arizona

A lost car registration in Arizona put residents at risk of traffic citations and other unpleasant legal consequences. It is in a resident’s best interest to get a copy of car registration documents promptly if the originals become lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. In addition, if any resident has reason to suspect that his or her vehicle registration has been stolen and/or is being misused, he or she should report the loss or theft to appropriate authorities as soon as possible. Residents can replace car registration documents by applying for new ones from the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). There are a few methods available through which this can be done. Which one residents select will be determined by what kind of documentation they need, the technology to which they have access and cost. Duplicate care registration complete with tabs, which denote the month and year of a vehicle’s registration expiration date and are placed on the vehicle’s license plates, require slightly more time, effort and money to replace than other types. Learn how to replace car registration by reading the sections provided. Read More

How to Change the Name on an Arizona Car Registration

Residents who need to request a name change on car registration in Arizona must do so within a limited period of time after legally changing their names, regardless of the cause of the change of name. To change name on car registration documents, however, residents must follow a multi-step process. First, residents who do not already have proof of their name change in their possession must obtain appropriate documentation from the proper issuing authorities. Second, they must request to have their names formally changed in the Social Security Administration’s system. Residents can pursue changing name on car registration documents only when those first two steps have been successfully accomplished. Learn more about the name change car registration process by reading the provided sections below. Read More

How to Change the Address on an Arizona Car Registration

Arizona drivers are required to change car registration address information within ten days of moving to avoid citations given by police officers. You can complete an address change on car registration documents very easily online, at a Service Arizona Kiosk or in person at an Arizona Motor Vehicles Division (MVD) or any other authorized third-party license provider. Arizona does not let drivers change their car registration address by mail. The process of how to change car registration address in the state of Arizona is very simple due to the fact that all driver records are linked together through the Motor Vehicle Division. This means that after changing car registration address information, you automatically change the address on your driver’s license, as well as on your car registration. Since, all driving records are synced together with the Motor Vehicle Division, there is no extra charge for registration address change. Read More

Arizona License Plates

Drivers must have a valid DMV license plate in Arizona. AZ car registration plates are important because they link the driver and the vehicle together through the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and vehicle registration. According to state law, all vehicles must have their license plates displayed on the rear of the car, one foot from the ground. The state name must be visible at all times. New registration plates are issued when drivers register their vehicles for the first time. In Arizona cars are usually registered for one, two or five years at a time. You must get license plate registration tabs when the car registration expires and are not required to replace the actual drivers license. However, if you wish to replace a license plate with a specialty or custom plate, you may do so through the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. For more information on how to get license plate replacements, renewals and new plates, read the information below. Read More

How to Transfer a Car Title in Arizona

Understanding the steps necessary for a car title transfer in Arizona can save drivers time when they sell a used vehicle or buy a used vehicle. Learning how to transfer car title documents will prevent possible delays in vehicle registration or obtaining car insurance. Drivers should also understand where to transfer car title documents and which parties need to be involved in the process. To transfer a car title, all involved parties will have their own requirements from providing critical information to signing the documents when prompted. Transferring car title paperwork is not a complicated process and by learning the necessary steps involved can be completed with ease. Depending on a petitioner’s role in the transfer of the title, there will be different pieces of information required. Read More

How to Replace a Car Title in Arizona

A car title replacement in Arizona may be necessary for many reasons. Drivers who have lost car title documents will need to go through the proper channels in order to request a replacement. To replace car title paperwork in Arizona, it is important to know when the right time is to request the replacement, as well as where to go. The steps for requesting a vehicle title replacement are different from those for ordering a duplicate car title in the state. A replacement vehicle title is necessary for every driver whose title is no longer valid, as the title is required to prove ownership of the vehicle. Understanding why request a replacement is necessary will ultimately help drivers assess how to go about ordering the replacement. To find out more about replacing a car title, continue reading below. Read More

How to Change the Name on an Arizona Car Title

You must change name on car title documents in Arizona when you have any big change in your life that includes a name change. Some common reasons that require changing name on car title documents include getting married, getting divorced or legally changing your name through a court. Fortunately, a car title name change in Arizona is relatively easy to request through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), which has laid out a standardized way to complete the process. Failure to change the name on your car title to your new name in a timely manner can cause issues in the future, as this document must be up to date if you wish to sell or give your vehicle to someone else. Beyond that, your car’s title also proves you own the vehicle, and without an updated document, it may be difficult for you to establish ownership of your vehicle. Learn how to change name on car title documents in Arizona by reviewing the following sections. Read More

Salvage Titles in Arizona

A salvage vehicle title in Arizona is issued on a car that was involved in a serious accident, suffered water damage or was recovered after being stolen. There is more than one type of salvage title in AZ and vehicle owners need to be aware of which one they need. One type of salvage title deems a vehicle unsafe for the road, but after going through a detailed repair and inspection process, Arizona may deem a salvage-titled vehicle safe and issue the second type of salvage title. While these salvage titles are great for owners who are uncertain what to do with their wrecked or theft-recovered vehicles, understanding how to get a salvage title can be overwhelming for some. The process for each salvage certificate application has multiple steps and requires careful documentation to successfully complete each one. Read More

Emissions Inspections in Arizona

Emissions testing in Arizona is required for most vehicles. Emissions tests help ensure that vehicles adhere to state laws pertaining to vehicle emissions and pollution. The Arizona Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) conducts the smog check and other necessary testing procedures in areas in which air quality may be poor. Therefore, testing requirements relating to when car owners may need to renew their inspections may differ based on the owners’ locations. A standardized vehicle inspection is performed to assess a vehicle’s environmental footprint. However, every smog test may vary slightly, so residents must remain informed on state vehicle emissions guidelines. For more information on VEIP testing and how it may affect vehicle registration and driving privileges, residents may review the following sections. Read More

Arizona Bill of Sale Forms

An Arizona bill of sale denotes the exchange of personal property from a seller to a designated buyer. However, the bill of sale form cannot legally prove ownership of the purchased vehicle. Usually, the form is used by car buyers and sellers to help substantiates a vehicle sale. Both parties involved in the sale should complete a vehicle bill of sale to ensure they give or receive all necessary information to validate the sale. This is important because vehicle sales can be complicated, especially when buying vehicles from private sellers instead of licensed dealers. Although AZ bill of sale forms are not required by the AZ Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) in order to authorize car sales, they are useful forms for buyers and sellers alike, as a car bill of sale can assist with the vehicle titling and registration processes. Additionally, it contains all pertinent vehicle, seller and buyer information in a succinct and official manner. Learning how to complete a bill of sale for car sales is an important part of the car buying and selling processes. Read More