How to Change the Name on an Arizona Car Registration

Residents who need to request a name change on car registration in Arizona must do so within a limited period of time after legally changing their names, regardless of the cause of the change of name. To change name on car registration documents, however, residents must follow a multi-step process. First, residents who do not already have proof of their name change in their possession must obtain appropriate documentation from the proper issuing authorities. Second, they must request to have their names formally changed in the Social Security Administration’s system. Residents can pursue changing name on car registration documents only when those first two steps have been successfully accomplished. Learn more about the name change car registration process by reading the provided sections below.

How to Change a Name in the Social Security Administration System in Arizona

Before requesting to change name on registration in AZ from the Motor Vehicles Division (MVD), residents must request new Social Security cards reflecting the name change from the Social Security Administration (SSA). These name change requests cannot be made online and must be done in person at an SSA office. Before going to an SSA office, applicants will need to print and complete the correct application. The application must be filled out completely and correctly before it is submitted to a Social Security Administration office.

Residents exploring how to change name on car registration, you will need much of the same documentation to present to both the MVD and the SSA. Both agencies will require valid proof of identity in the form of current, unexpired original or certified copy qualifying documents. All certified copies must be issued by the appropriate authorizing agency. Photocopies, notarized copies and/or expired documents will not be accepted. The documentation required to change name on registration, in the SSA system and in the MVD’s system, includes proof of age, proof of citizenship and proof of identity. Although some documents may serve as proof of more than one thing (age, citizenship or identity), at least two different qualifying documents are required in all cases. Residents wondering, “How do I change my name on my car registration if I don’t have the right documentation?” should contact the SSA directly. In most cases, SSA representatives can assist applicants in locating, requesting and otherwise accessing acceptable documentation to support their applications. Learn more about this process by downloading our comprehensive guide today.

Before changing name on car registration, all applicants will also need to submit legal proof of their name change in the form of marriage certificates, court orders or other qualifying evidence. Successful applications will result in a corrected Social Security card being mailed to the applicant. However, to request a name change on a car registration, applicants do not need to wait until they receive their replacement SSA cards. They may apply to have the change made in MVD records as soon as the change has registered in the Social Security Administration’s online system.

Changing the Name on a Vehicle Registration in Arizona

Name change on car registration can take place once a resident’s name change has successfully been updated in the Social Security Administration’s system, he or she must apply to update his or her name in the Motor Vehicles Division’s system within 10 days. Applicants can not only apply to change name on car registration, but can also have all of their other MVD and associated records updated at the same time. Like the Social Security Administration, the MVD requires that all name change requests be made in person at an MVD or authorized third-party facility. As with the SSA, the MVD requires that applicants bring qualifying identification showing name as it currently exists in the MVD database, such as a driver’s license and their new names. When applying for a name change on car registration, the same rules regarding original or certified copies of documents apply. Relevant fees will be applied as well. Our free online guide has more information on all fees associated with the name change process.

Applicants with a standard driver’s license who are applying for one with a corrected name after requesting a changed name on their registrations may wish to use the opportunity to upgrade to a Travel ID version of the Arizona license, which is REAL ID compliant. As of late in 2020, standard Arizona driver’s licenses, which are not REAL ID compliant, will not be considered valid identification to board commercial domestic flights or to grant holders access to restricted areas such as federal buildings or military facilities. When attempting to change name on car registration or even renew a registration, additional fees will be assessed to upgrade to a REAL ID compliant Voluntary Travel ID.