How to Change the Name on an Arizona Car Title

You must change name on car title documents in Arizona when you have any big change in your life that includes a name change. Some common reasons that require changing name on car title documents include getting married, getting divorced or legally changing your name through a court. Fortunately, a car title name change in Arizona is relatively easy to request through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), which has laid out a standardized way to complete the process. Failure to change the name on your car title to your new name in a timely manner can cause issues in the future, as this document must be up to date if you wish to sell or give your vehicle to someone else. Beyond that, your car’s title also proves you own the vehicle, and without an updated document, it may be difficult for you to establish ownership of your vehicle. Learn how to change name on car title documents in Arizona by reviewing the following sections.

Why update name on car title?

There are several reasons to update name on car title certificates, including marriage divorce, legal name changes, etc. Changing the name on a car title to match your current legal name can help prevent issues down the road. If you attempt to sell the car without updating your name on your car title, you may run into difficulties, as it may be impossible for you to follow the steps to transfer ownership of your vehicle if the name on the document does not match the name on your driver’s license. Furthermore, updating name on car title documents in Arizona may become more difficult the longer you wait to do so. For instance, if your name change occurred years prior, there is a greater possibility you no longer have that documents required to prove the change, which would make it increasingly difficult to request the update at the MVD. To learn more about the car title name change process, download our detailed guide.

Updating Name on Car Title May Require All Owners

There is more to changing the name on a car title than simply walking into the MVD with your legal documents. You have to start the process of changing the name on a car title at a notary’s office before you can attempt to update your information with the MVD. Since an Arizona car title name change involves a similar process to transferring a title to a new owner, updating the name on a car title requires notarization. To get a notary’s approval for your AZ vehicle title name change, the vehicle’s owners must sign the title in accordance with Arizona law. If the vehicle is owned by more than one person, then all owners must sign the title in front of a notary. If you are the only owner of your car, however, then only your signature is required. When you go to the notary, you will need to bring evidence of your old name and new name. To learn more about this process and the required documents, download our comprehensive guide today.

Getting Written Permission to Update the Name on a Car Title

The process for changing the name on your car title is different if you have a loan on the vehicle or used it for collateral in any way, as the vehicle will likely has a lien on its title, which forbids the transfer of the title unless the lien is satisfied. Since updating the name on your vehicle title involves the same process as transferring it to a new owner, a lien will halt this process. Fortunately, there is a way around this without fully satisfying the lien. Before starting car title name change procedures, find the lienholder’s name and contact information on your car’s title in order to inform the lienholder that you intend to change your name on your vehicle title. The lienholder will then tell you how to complete the vehicle title name change and what information you will need to provide.

Getting Your Car Title Name Change

Changing the name on a car title is not as simple as just putting a new name on it and reprinting the document. To update the name on your car title in Arizona, you must instead complete a title transfer. To change the name on a car title, you must go to an MVD office in person, as there is no online or mail-in option available. Bring the signed and notarized application, the lienholder’s written permission (if applicable) and all required fees to your local MVD office or authorized third party to have it processed. You will also need to bring an updated driver’s license with your new name. The representative at the MVD office will guide you through the rest of the process of applying for the car title name change. Once the updated name on the car title is processed, a replacement title will be mailed to you.