How to Register & Title a Vehicle

Owners and operators must file for car registration in Arizona before they can legally drive their vehicles. The option to apply for a car registration online is available for vehicle registration renewals but it is not open to applicants submitting initial registration applications. Applicants must file for new car registration or to receive an Arizona registration for vehicles previously registered in other states in person at an Arizona Department of Transit Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) facility. Alternatively, applicants may complete a motor vehicle registration in person at an approved third-party vendor site. A DMV car registration is generally issued for one- or two-year periods depending upon the vehicle and type of registration. Applicants can prepare to complete a registration of vehicle by reviewing the application process and collecting all the necessary documentation in advance of their visit to an MVD or authorized third-party facility.

Applying to Register a Vehicle in Arizona

If you are wondering, “How can I register my car in AZ?” then you should know the process begins with a Title and Registration Application form. This form can be obtained from the MVD, from an authorized services vendor or online. It must be completely and correctly filled out before it will be accepted by the MVD agent or third-party representative. To get car registration, applicants must provide personal identifying information, describe their vehicles and supply the vehicles’ serial numbers. When you are getting car registration, the MVD will also require information on the sale of newly purchased vehicles, including identifying details about the seller. In certain circumstances, such as replacing a registration, other disclosures or statements may be requested to supplement the application. Applications for vehicle registration in Arizona will always provide residents an invitation to submit additional, voluntary information, as well. Applicants wondering how to get car registration for vehicles that will be part of a commercial fleet should inquire with MVD as unique rules apply.

Residents wondering, “Is registering my car possible if it has liens on it?” will find that it is possible, and the process is quite simple. They will need to supply the MVD with basic information about the lien, including all relevant names, addresses and amounts. Residents should be advised that Arizona law requires owners/operators to get car registrations within 15 days of purchase or acquisition of a vehicle. Both a vehicle’s seller and buyer must sign the registration application with an MVD agent or Notary witnessing.

Applying for a Certificate of Title for a Vehicle in Arizona

Arizona drivers may also apply for a car title through a similar process as obtaining a car registration. For vehicles that have been registered previously in other states, applicants are expected to provide an odometer reading when applying for a title, except in certain circumstances. To receive an Arizona car title for newly manufactured vehicles, applicants must provide information on the seller from whom they purchased the vehicle and a description of the vehicle, along with other documentation. The Arizona Department of Transit may legally require an applicant for a registration or title to submit to a standard vision screening test. It may also require that the vehicle in question be subjected to certain forms of emissions testing. If a vehicle title application is successfully processed, the Arizona Department of Transit Motor Vehicle Division will issue a Certificate of Title on specially designed paper. More information on how to get car title and registration duplicates can be found by downloading our free online guide.

Vehicle Registration Expirations and MVD Fees in Arizona

DMV car registrations are typically issued for two-year terms in Arizona. Under some circumstances, single-year registrations may be issued. A car registration expiration dates are directly determined by the date a registration was issued. Single-year registrations are available upon request to interested applicants. A consistent concern of applicants exploring how to get car registrations or titles is the number, type and amount of fees associated with those actions. The charges associated with vehicle registrations and titles vary by the type of vehicle and whether or not the vehicle is being registered for the first time or renewed. Most applicants will also be charged a Vehicle License Tax.

Where and How to Submit an Application in Arizona

To apply for a car registration and/or car title for a vehicle in Arizona, applicants will need to go in person to a DoT Motor Vehicle Division facility or an authorized third-party services vendor. The hours of operation and services available will vary by site among both MVD offices and third-party operators. To complete a new car registration transaction fees will also vary, as third parties are authorized to charge supplemental fees and convenience charges in addition to baseline MVD rates for valid transactions. To apply for a motor vehicle registration, applicants must provide the MVD with proof of sufficient liability insurance. The insurance carrier must be licensed to operate in Arizona. Residents unable to provide proof of coverage will not be issued a registration. Learn more by downloading our comprehensive guide.