How to Replace a Car Registration

A lost car registration in Arizona put residents at risk of traffic citations and other unpleasant legal consequences. It is in a resident’s best interest to get a copy of car registration documents promptly if the originals become lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. In addition, if any resident has reason to suspect that his or her vehicle registration has been stolen and/or is being misused, he or she should report the loss or theft to appropriate authorities as soon as possible. Residents can replace car registration documents by applying for new ones from the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). There are a few methods available through which this can be done. Which one residents select will be determined by what kind of documentation they need, the technology to which they have access and cost. Duplicate care registration complete with tabs, which denote the month and year of a vehicle’s registration expiration date and are placed on the vehicle’s license plates, require slightly more time, effort and money to replace than other types. Learn how to replace car registration by reading the sections provided.

Applying for a Duplicate Registration Online in Arizona

Residents can start replacing car registration in AZ in person at an MVD or approved third-party service provider facility. Full lists of these sites, their hours of operation and limitations on their services are available from the MVD. Applicants will need to provide legally identifying documents, such as a driver’s license, to file their request in person. Residents exploring their options for how to replace car registration documents will find they can also apply for a replacement registration using the MVD’s online system.

Residents replacing car registration who do not need of replacement tabs can use the Motor Vehicle Records online tool to request, view and print a copy of their vehicle’s registration. They may then carry that DMV registration copy in place of the one that was lost, stolen or damaged. Residents will need to provide personal identifying information about themselves and their vehicle to access their records and will need to provide a valid credit or debit card for payment of the associated fees. Vehicle owners can replace car registration online using this method during the system’s standard hours of operation for a flat fee. The MVD advises that applicants review the information they put into the online form carefully before submission as each submission incurs a charge, even if it returns an error due to typos or missing information. Download our free online guide to get more information.

Applicants who need a DMV copy of registration that includes tabs will need to use the state’s online EZ Tab Replacement application in place of the Motor Vehicle Records tool. Not all residents will be eligible to use this application. Some vehicle owners will not qualify to replace a DMV lost registration using this method depending on the type of registration they have or due to other qualifying factors. Those residents will need to request a duplicate car registration in person at an MVD facility or third-party service provider’s site.

The EZ Tab Replacement system is only for replacing car registration tabs and does not cover off-highway vehicle decals. To request duplicate car registrations via the online system, residents will need much of the same personal and vehicle information needed to access the online Motor Vehicle Records tool. For vehicles owned by companies rather than individuals, the applicant will need identifying information from the vehicle’s registration documentation. As with all online MVD transactions, a valid credit or debit card will also be required. Once they have submitted all the requested information. Duplicate car registration applicants will be provided the opportunity to confirm the records are correct. After authorizing the transaction and postage fees, applicants will be given confirmation documentation. This can be printed for their records. A replacement car registration will be issued for the vehicle by the MVD and mailed to the applicant with a combined Month and Year tab. The newly-issued copy of registration and tabs will have the same expiration date as the document(s) they are replacing. Applicants will have the opportunity to print a confirmation of the transaction and a receipt. Our comprehensive guide will provide more information on this process.

Change of Address on Car Registration Records in Arizona

A duplicate car registration with tabs that are ordered online will be mailed to the applicant using his or her address on file with the MVD. Residents have the opportunity to review this address during the application process. If the address on file is incorrect, residents must submit a change of address before requesting their duplicate registrations to ensure it is mailed to the correct address. Changes of address are free if requested in person or online. Some charges may apply if the transaction is completed at an approved third-party facility. Those replacing a lost car registration along with a change of address will need only basic personal identifying information to complete the transaction. Arizona Department of Transportation’s computer records systems are cross-linked. As a result, when getting a copy of car registration while changing the address associated with a vehicle registration will change the address associated with all other connected records, as well. However, no new documents other than the requested registration will be automatically be reissued.