How to Replace a Car Title in Arizona

A car title replacement in Arizona may be necessary for many reasons. Drivers who have lost car title documents will need to go through the proper channels in order to request a replacement. To replace car title paperwork in Arizona, it is important to know when the right time is to request the replacement, as well as where to go. The steps for requesting a vehicle title replacement are different from those for ordering a duplicate car title in the state. A replacement vehicle title is necessary for every driver whose title is no longer valid, as the title is required to prove ownership of the vehicle. Understanding why request a replacement is necessary will ultimately help drivers assess how to go about ordering the replacement. To find out more about replacing a car title, continue reading below.

Why is it important to replace car title paperwork in Arizona?

Replacing car title paperwork is important for all vehicle owners, partly so that their information stays as up-to-date as possible within the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Vehicle owners should understand why a stolen car title needs to be replaced or a duplicate car title will need to be ordered, as well as the importance behind maintaining this document. The purpose of the title is to indicate the legal owner of the vehicle. In cases where a car title replacement is required, it usually is due to the car being sold and the ownership transferring hands. Selling a vehicle without a title is not possible, as there will be no proof that the ownership was legally transferred. In addition, replacing a car title will be required for owners whose titles have been lost, damaged or stolen, as the vehicle owner will need the title when attempting to register the vehicle. Drivers who replace lost Arizona car title paperwork or a stolen vehicle title generally do so in order to keep their vehicle information as current within the system as necessary.

When to Request a Car Title Replacement in Arizona

One common reason to replace car title documents involves the car title being lost or misplaced. In cases where the lost car title is not available, car owners will need to order a copy from the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT). A car title copy will also need to be ordered when the original title is stolen. If a stolen car title is being replaced, the owner of the vehicle will not only have to replace the car title, but also file a police report with the local authorities, as this can help prevent fraudulent activity. Vehicle owners will also need to request duplicate document when the one ordered is lost in the mail, although this does not occur often. For more car title replacement information, download our comprehensive guide today.

Steps to Replace Car Title Paperwork in Arizona

For drivers who are replacing car title paperwork in Arizona or seeking a duplicate car title, there are certain steps to take in order to ensure the process is completed. To request a replacement, owners will need to follow certain steps, including completing a title and registration application, as well as providing payment for the necessary duplicate title fees.

An Arizona car title copy can be ordered in two ways: in person or by mail. Those who wish to submit the duplicate vehicle title request in person must visit an Arizona MVD or an MVD-authorized third-party office. Applying by mail means that the owner must complete and mail the application to the proper channels. When submitting the car title application, vehicle owners who have a damaged or illegible car title will be required to turn in the original title. The type of information required for the car title replacement application in Arizona includes the vehicle’s plate number, vehicle identification number, odometer reading and more. To find out more regarding an Arizona vehicle title replacement, download our in-depth guide today.

Updates to a Duplicate Car Title in Arizona

When requesting a car title replacement in Arizona, owners may also update certain information on the car title at that time. Owners seeking a car title copy can update their address and vehicle location address while submitting the replacement car title application. However, other information about the car may not be changed when ordering a replacement. When submitting a duplicate document request, owners may not update details like their names, legal statuses or more. The steps for requesting a duplicate title, for instance, entirely different from the steps for updating the name on a car title.