How to Transfer a Car Title in Arizona

Understanding the steps necessary for a car title transfer in Arizona can save drivers time when they sell a used vehicle or buy a used vehicle. Learning how to transfer car title documents will prevent possible delays in vehicle registration or obtaining car insurance. Drivers should also understand where to transfer car title documents and which parties need to be involved in the process. To transfer a car title, all involved parties will have their own requirements from providing critical information to signing the documents when prompted. Transferring car title paperwork is not a complicated process and by learning the necessary steps involved can be completed with ease. Depending on a petitioner’s role in the transfer of the title, there will be different pieces of information required. If you are wondering “How do I transfer car title documents?” you can find answers to this question as well as where to transfer car title in Arizona by continuing to read below.

When and Where To Transfer Car Title Documents in Arizona

A car title transfer in Arizona will need to take place whenever a vehicle changes hands. Transferring a car title indicates that the vehicle ownership is changing and it will be documented with the appropriate channels. An Arizona transfer of title occurs when a vehicle is purchased at a dealership or through a private sale. The Arizona title transfer process will change depending on the way the vehicle was purchased. Another important aspect of transferring car titles is knowing the locations where you can complete this process. Buyers and sellers will need to transfer a car title at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, or AZ MVD. In most cases the seller and the buyer will visit the AZ MVD together just so that they may make sure the car title transfer goes smoothly. To understand more regarding where to transfer car title documents and the closest locations, download our Arizona guide today.

Who is involved in the transfer car title Process in Arizona?

When transferring a car title in Arizona there are usually four parties involved: the seller, the buyer, the notary and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. The seller and the buyer will be required to provide the most information during the car title transfer, the notary will receive the title in order to verify information, and the AZ MVD will be in charge or completing the title once fees are paid. While the seller begins the process of the AZ title transfer, he or she will work in conjunction with the buyer in order to complete the process. For more information regarding each party and his or her role in the car title transfer, download our helpful guide today.

How to Transfer a Car Title in Arizona

“How do I transfer car title in Arizona?” is a something you may wonder. This is a common question, which arises during the process of a car title transfer, especially for petitioners who have never completed the process before. There are specific steps to be followed involving the transfer of a car title, starting with whether the petitioner is the buyer or seller of a vehicle. The tasks for completing a car title transfer will be different depending on the role in which a petitioner plays. For drivers who purchase a vehicle from an Arizona dealership, the dealership will normally handle any car title transfer and auto registration requirements involved. For buyers who are purchasing a car privately, a transfer title must be completed within 15 days of the purchase date. Buyers who purchase a car from a private seller should go to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division with the seller in order to complete the transfer. Going to the AZ MVD is not mandatory. However, when transferring car title document, some buyers feel more comfortable completing the process at the MVD, especially if a vehicle has a lien. In order to complete the transfer of title in Arizona, the buyer will need the original notarized title signed by the seller and a completed title and registration application. A lien release is required if there is a lien release on the title, as well as payment of the necessary fees which can include a title transfer fee, registration fee, air quality research fee and vehicle license tax.

Car title transfer steps differ for the individual selling a vehicle. The responsibility of correctly transferring the car title to the buyer will be up to the seller. In order to avoid any problems that may arise with a transfer title, sellers should:

  • Sign and notarize the car title.

  • Include a notarized lien release if there is a lien on the vehicle.

  • Remove the license plate from the vehicle, but do not give it to the buyer.

  • Complete a sold notice within 10 days of the sale date of the car.

When completing a transfer of a car title, all parties can avoid problems with the process by making sure to follow all steps closely. Making sure the names and signatures are correct is critical. All vehicle owners must sign the car title before transferring it to a buyer. The seller must then have the title notarized. If the seller’s name does not match the name on the car title transfer, then he or she may not be able to verify legal ownership of the vehicle and the buyer could encounter legal complications in the future. To find out more information regarding how to transfer a car title in Arizona and the proper forms required for the process, download our comprehensive Arizona DMV guide.