Traffic Tickets & Penalties in Arizona

Traffic tickets are a part and parcel of every driver’s experience and driving in Arizona is no different. It is important to be aware of the laws governing your driving privilege and the various traffic citations that may be issued to you if you break any of the laws you agree to follow when you receive your Arizona driver’s license. Being charged with DUI (driving under the influence) is among the most serious offenses in the state. You will want to be well versed in the DUI laws as well as the consequences for such a conviction if you are charged with drunk driving. By reading through the below articles you will ascertain the varying degrees of DUI offenses and when they may cross over from a misdemeanor charge into a felony. You will learn about laws and the various forms of DUI charges and the accompanying consequences, which can include fines, incarceration and a suspended driver’s license. A suspension of your driving privileges also comes with a host of conditions and procedures. Driver’s license restoration has its process and obligations, which you will also learn about in the articles. DUI is not the only reason a license suspension. You may find yourself with a revoked driver’s license if you are a habitual offender or are convicted of a serious enough offense. Should you find yourself convicted of a serious traffic offense or you have multiple offenses that result in a suspended license, you may find yourself having to pay very high insurance premiums. You may even need SR22 insurance in order to maintain your ability to drive your car legally in Arizona. The articles explain what SR22 insurance is and how to get SR22 coverage if you find yourself in need of it as a result of a spotty driving record. Download our comprehensive guide for in-depth information about driving in Arizona including details about tickets, consequences of traffic violations and restoring driving credentials.

Paying vs. Disputing Tickets in Arizona

Traffic tickets in Arizona may be issued for a number of offenses. Some traffic violations can be commonplace and do not require that you bear the consequences of anything more than a simple fine. However, you may receive traffic citations that can end up being quite serious and carry with them exorbitant charges. In addition, you may be required to appear before a judge in court, which can result in added court costs. If the charges are serious enough, then a conviction could result in very expensive traffic fines as well as serving time in jail, attend classes for a variety of reasons or even have your driving privileges suspended. Traffic court, judges, serious fines and penalties including possible jail time may necessitate you having to retain a lawyer to assist you in mounting a traffic ticket defense. Read More

DUI Convictions in Arizona

Being aware of the drunk driving information in Arizona is essential should you find yourself charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. DUI information is also pertinent if you convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated by drugs. A DUI is a very serious offense that can have far-ranging effects upon your life if convicted. DUI consequences can include drunk driving fines, court costs, towing and impound fees, incarceration time, a suspension or revocation of your driving privileges as well as a host of other expenses and consequences. If you are charged with DUI, then it may affect your ability to keep your job, especially if your livelihood depends on your driving privileges, such as if you need an Arizona commercial driver’s license to work. Read More

Drivers License Suspension and Revocation in Arizona

A revoked or suspended drivers license is issued in Arizona based on a variety of traffic and non-traffic related offenses. Once an Arizona drivers license suspension or revocation period has ended, the process to reinstate drivers license can begin. This process varies based on the offense committed by the driver and requires fulfilling certain obligations to the court and paying applicable fees. Driving with a suspended license is illegal and can result in additional legal penalties and fines, so the steps should be followed carefully in adherence with Arizona state law. Learn about the reinstatement process in the state and find out how to get your driving privileges back by reviewing the sections below. Read More

SR-22 Insurance Certificate in Arizona

SR22 insurance in Arizona is required for certain drivers by the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division (MVD). You may be wondering, “What is an SR22 insurance policy?” AZ SR-22 is a certificate that verifies insurance liability coverage for “high-risk” drivers who are attempting to reinstate a suspended or revoked license. SR-22 insurance is not actual insurance but a form guaranteeing the drivers’ financial responsibility and minimum insurance coverage for a vehicle. When an insurance company files SR 22 insurance on behalf of a driver in Arizona, the driver must be insured at the minimum required auto insurance level. Drivers who require this document must provide a higher level of insurance certification than simply proving they have an auto insurance policy. Meeting minimum required insurance levels in Arizona allows a newly reinstated driver to maintain driving privileges. Read More

Arizona Driver’s License Point System

Arizona demerit points or driver’s license points, are assigned to each driver’s record by the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) as a way of recording traffic violations. When DOT puts points on license records, it uses a specific scale that assigns a certain number of demerit points per traffic violation. “How long do points stay on your license in Arizona?” is a question many drivers may ask. The length of time points will stay on your record will depend on several factors determined by the DOT. The point system in Arizona can impact your auto insurance rates if you accumulate too many of them in a specified time frame. Penalty points are preventable if you follow the tips outlined below. Continue reading to learn more about the Arizona driver point system, what happens when you get points, and whether it is possible to remove points you already have received. Read More