Paying vs. Disputing Tickets in Arizona

Traffic tickets in Arizona may be issued for a number of offenses. Some traffic violations can be commonplace and do not require that you bear the consequences of anything more than a simple fine. However, you may receive traffic citations that can end up being quite serious and carry with them exorbitant charges. In addition, you may be required to appear before a judge in court, which can result in added court costs. If the charges are serious enough, then a conviction could result in very expensive traffic fines as well as serving time in jail, attend classes for a variety of reasons or even have your driving privileges suspended. Traffic court, judges, serious fines and penalties including possible jail time may necessitate you having to retain a lawyer to assist you in mounting a traffic ticket defense.

Fighting Traffic Ticket Fines in Arizona

Traffic tickets are upsetting when you receive one and it almost always results in trying to figure out how you can get out of it. While you may not be able to talk your way out of receiving traffic citations from the law enforcement officer who pulled you over, there are other ways you may be able to challenge the charge. You can decide to pay or fight traffic ticket fines after receiving a ticket. If you decide to fight a citation, then you may want to do some research and find out how to fight a traffic ticket fines in a way that is more likely to produce the desired results. You will also want to weigh the costs of fighting any tickets against the benefits of doing so. Perhaps the time, effort and cost of fighting traffic tickets are not worth it when compared to the cost of the ticket and the penalties. However, if the consequence of your traffic violation includes a suspended driver’s license, then you may consider challenging the citation as means of avoiding the process of reinstating driving credentials.

Benefits of fighting a traffic citation may include having the ticket dismissed, which means that you will not have to pay a fine or get the points on your driver’s license. If you fight a traffic ticket in court and win, then it will not affect your auto insurance premium, which can provide additional savings in the long run. The more serious the traffic tickets, the more points you will receive on your driving record and the more you will pay in fines and higher insurance premiums. Depending on how serious the offense with which you were charged, winning your case means not losing your driving privileges. You will also avoid any court-ordered programs such as traffic school or alcohol education classes. Find out more about the consequences of serious traffic violations in our comprehensive guide.

However, fighting traffic tickets does have its drawbacks. First and foremost, fighting traffic ticket citations is a major time commitment. At a minimum, you will have to appear in court twice. If you prepare your own traffic ticket defense, then you will also need to spend quite a bit of time learning the laws, gathering and organizing evidence and preparing to question any witnesses. If your traffic citation is a serious one such as driving under the influence (DUI), then it is advisable to hire an attorney to represent you in court. Hiring a lawyer to help you with your defense can get expensive. If your case involves serious traffic tickets and is a complicated one that may take up a lot of time in court, then attorney’s fees may become exorbitant. What makes fighting traffic ticket fines risky is that even with an attorney and a well-prepared case there is no guarantee that you will win in court. You may go through the time and expense of fighting the traffic citation only to end up paying for it anyways in addition to the costs of contesting it in court.

How to Pay a Speeding Ticket or Other Arizona Traffic Offense

When you must pay speeding ticket fines or penalties for other traffic offenses, Arizona provides for several methods. You can opt to pay speeding ticket online or you may also decide to take care of paying off your fines over the phone in some instances. Paying traffic tickets online is the most common and the most convenient way to take care of settling your monetary fines for traffic violations. By opting to pay traffic ticket online, you essentially admit to your guilt. In addition to handling it through the Arizona state web portals, the online payment option may apply to some county and municipal courts that allow you to do so directly through their own websites. It is important to know how to handle traffic tickets in Arizona, as failure to pay in a timely manner can result in further consequences.

In addition to paying a traffic ticket, you may have the option to take a driving course to prevent points from going on your driving record. However, these courses have a fee that you will need to pay to enroll. You can contact the court where your traffic tickets were issued to find out more about what options are available to you in regards to payment as well as whether or not you may take a driving course to avoid accumulating points on your driver’s license. Download our in-depth guide for more details about taking care of traffic violations in Arizona.