SR-22 Insurance Certificate in Arizona

SR22 insurance in Arizona is required for certain drivers by the Arizona Motor Vehicles Division (MVD). You may be wondering, “What is an SR22 insurance policy?” AZ SR-22 is a certificate that verifies insurance liability coverage for “high-risk” drivers who are attempting to reinstate a suspended or revoked license. SR-22 insurance is not actual insurance but a form guaranteeing the drivers’ financial responsibility and minimum insurance coverage for a vehicle. When an insurance company files SR 22 insurance on behalf of a driver in Arizona, the driver must be insured at the minimum required auto insurance level. Drivers who require this document must provide a higher level of insurance certification than simply proving they have an auto insurance policy. Meeting minimum required insurance levels in Arizona allows a newly reinstated driver to maintain driving privileges.

Drivers required to obtain SR-22s in Arizona must buy a policy from a verified insurance company in the state who then files the insurance with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). The driver on the SR-22 form is the only individual covered. Drivers who must provide SR22 forms may also obtain an equivalent insurance certificate by depositing a certain amount of money approved by the Arizona Office of Treasurer.

The Arizona SR22 form can become costly along with the other fees associated with the license reinstatement process, so finding cheap SR22 insurance is beneficial. Although SR-22 coverage is not actual insurance, obtaining the document is similar to shopping for other forms of insurance. Arizona drivers should research various insurance companies in the state to find the right policy to fit their needs and budget. Learn more about how to obtain SR22 insurance forms by reviewing the sections below.

When Is SR22 Insurance Required in Arizona?

Arizona SR22 insurance certificates are required for vehicle license reinstatement after a driver has committed specific offenses resulting in license suspension or revocation. Some of the traffic-related offenses that may require an SR22 filing include:

  • Driving without insurance or not maintaining insurance coverage.

  • Driving on a suspended license.

  • Refusing or failing a blood alcohol content (BAC) or drug test.

  • Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI).

  • Other drug- or alcohol-related vehicle offenses.

If an SR-22 form in AZ is required, the MVD will send a notice to the driver stating the need for coverage. Some drivers must present SR 22 insurance forms as proof for a certain period of time after their licenses are eligible to be reinstated. If proof is not shown at any point during this time, the license is suspended until coverage is restored. A driver requiring SR-22 coverage who commits traffic offenses during this time may have his or her license suspended or revoked. Additionally, the SR 22 coverage period may be extended. Insurance companies report SR-22 certificates that are cancelled or expired to the Arizona MVD. Learn more about how to get SR22 certification by downloading our free comprehensive guide.

How to Get SR22 Insurance in Arizona

Because SR-22 certification in Arizona guarantees a driver meets minimum auto insurance requirements, purchasing vehicle insurance is the first step to obtaining SR22 insurance. If you already have a vehicle insurance agency, contact the agency immediately to request a certificate of financial responsibility. Remember, SR-22 must be provided by your car insurance agency. Because SR-22 certificates in AZ are directly linked with the conviction of serious traffic related offenses, your auto insurance premiums will likely be more expensive than normal, and some insurance companies may not allow you to complete the process for an SR-22 filing. If your current insurance company does not provide SR-22 files because of your new status as a “high risk” driver, auto insurance cannot be obtained from that agency and you must find a new insurance company.

Finding cheap SR22 insurance and affordable auto insurance may be challenging, requiring careful research and comparison of insurance companies. Make sure Arizona SR 22s are provided by the companies you are interested in. If you have access to a computer, search the internet for state-licensed insurance companies that fit your requirements. Call multiple insurance agencies to gather information and compare pricing. You can even set up appointments with the agencies and speak to their representatives in person. While finding the cheapest SR22 insurance is ideal, ensure the company provides adequate auto insurance coverage for you and your vehicle.

When you find an agency that provides Arizona SR22 certification and acceptable auto insurance at an affordable price, purchase the vehicle and SR22 insurance. Next, request the agency files an SR-22 form on your behalf with the state of Arizona. An individual cannot file an SR-22 certificate in Arizona. To ensure authenticity, your auto insurance company must file the certificate with the state. When the Arizona MVD verifies the SR 22 certificate with the rest of your reinstatement requirements, your license will be reinstated. After license reinstatement, SR 22 coverage certification must be maintained and proven to the MVD for a certain period of time. If no traffic violations are committed and you remain in good standing with the state during this period, you may obtain insurance from the standard insurance market at lower prices. For more detailed SR-22 certificate information, download our detailed guide today.