Drivers License Suspension and Revocation

A revoked or suspended drivers license is issued in Arizona based on a variety of traffic and non-traffic related offenses. Once an Arizona drivers license suspension or revocation period has ended, the process to reinstate drivers license can begin. This process varies based on the offense committed by the driver and requires fulfilling certain obligations to the court and paying applicable fees. Driving with a suspended license is illegal and can result in additional legal penalties and fines, so the steps should be followed carefully in adherence with Arizona state law. Learn about the reinstatement process in the state and find out how to get your driving privileges back by reviewing the sections below.

Causes for Drivers License Suspension in Arizona

Drivers license suspension may be the result of a number of offenses in Arizona. Common reasons for suspended drivers license include driving under the influence (DUI), failing a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test failure, refusing to take the BAC test, failing to appear in court, failing to pay a traffic ticket, auto insurance violations, failing to complete a medical evaluation or vision exam and other traffic-related offenses. A suspended driver’s license is issued after the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) analyzes a driving record when an offense is committed. Driving records use a point system, where each offense results in a certain number of penalty points added to a driver’s record. Driver’s license suspension may occur if a driver incurs eight or more points on their record within a period of 12 months. DUI and reckless or aggressive driving convictions each result in 8 points added to a driving record. These convictions result in driver’s license suspensions automatically, while other traffic violations such as speeding result in a lower number of penalty points.

A revoked drivers license is issued after the conviction of serious driving violations, such as the offenses mentioned above, vehicular homicide, assault using a vehicle, felony using a vehicle, perjury relating to owning a vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, drive-by shooting and more. License revocation also occurs if an offender is convicted twice or more for DUI, racing or reckless driving. Discover how to begin the reinstatement process by downloading our free in-depth guide today.

Reinstating Drivers License Requirements in Arizona

The requirements to reinstate drivers license differ based on whether the license is suspended or revoked. A suspended drivers license removes driving privileges temporarily based on the analysis of a driving record. A revoked drivers license completely eliminates driving privileges based on the conviction of specific driving violations. Reinstatement requires an investigation on the driving history of the offender. In both cases, DOT applies a unique drivers license suspension or revocation period and issues requirements to be completed before drivers license restoration can take place. Requirements include paying suspension fees and reinstatement fees, completing court-related obligations and providing necessary documents and forms. The process for reinstatement can begin through the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) after the suspension or minimum revocation period has passed. Learn more about these requirements by downloading our comprehensive guide today.

Reinstating Suspended Drivers License in Arizona

For drivers license reinstatement, you must first satisfy the suspension period and complete the requirements on your suspension notice. For drivers license suspension caused by failing to appear in court or pay a ticket, pay the fees due to the court listed on your suspension notice. Next, request a court clearance receipt or Court Abstract form from the court. Deliver the receipt or form to any MVD office along with a reinstatement fee and application fee. The driver’s license reinstatement and application fees can be paid online or by mail if you have a photo on file with the MVD. For other license suspensions, pay the reinstatement and application fees to the MVD. The fees can be paid online or by mail. Depending on the reason for suspension, you may have to provide the form SR22 as proof of financial responsibility. Although you may not apply for a provisional drivers license in Arizona, you are able to check drivers license suspension procedures online when beginning the reinstatement process.

Reinstating Revoked Drivers License in Arizona

To reinstate a revoked drivers license, first satisfy the minimum revocation period set forth by Arizona DOT. Remember that a revoked drivers license will remain in place until eligibility for drivers license restoration is determined by a driving record investigation. To begin this process, complete and submit an investigation packet to the MVD. This packet contains multiple forms including a revocation certificate and information about alcohol- and drug-related offenses. If eligibility to reinstate drivers license is approved, a Permission to Reapply Notice is mailed to the driver. Bring the Permission to Reapply Notice to an MVD office, where you will complete an application and pay reinstatement and application fees. Personal checks cannot be used to pay the fees. For license revocation based on alcohol and drug related offenses, the form SR-22 is required as proof of financial responsibility for reinstatement.