How to Apply for TANF in Arizona


If you are interested in completing a cash assistance application in Arizona, it is important to understand the steps in the application process, as there is required information you must provide with your application. Once your cash assistance application form is submitted, you may even be asked for additional documentation. Understanding the TANF application process can help you to be more prepared, and complete the process both quickly and efficiently. For more information on how to apply for TANF program benefits, including what to expect after you submit your TANF application, review the sections below.

When can you apply for cash assistance in Arizona?

You should only complete a cash assistance application for the Arizona TANF program when you are eligible, or potentially eligible to obtain TANF benefits. This program is designed to provide aid to the neediest families in Arizona. In addition, the federal government limits the amount of beneficiary months to 60 per individual throughout his or her lifetime, so it is a wise idea to sign up for cash assistance program benefits when you likely need them the most. Additionally, make sure you have all of the necessary information and potentially requested documentation before submitting your application, in order to ensure a smooth application process.

Information Required on the Arizona Cash Assistance Application

The Arizona cash assistance application requires a variety of personal information about everyone in your household. Therefore, knowing what to expect will ensure that you are better-prepared for the application process.

In order to complete your cash assistance application form, you may need one or more of the following pieces of information:

  • Proof of both citizenship and identity for everyone who is applying for TANF benefits (noncitizens will need to provide their Alien Registration Cards)

  • Social security Numbers of all household applicants

  • Birth certificates of all household TANF applicants

  • The name, address and phone number of your landlord or neighbor

  • Proof of income

  • Proof that your previous employment had ended, and the last date you were paid by that employer

  • Complete statement of a bank or credit union for the most recent months

  • Proof of any savings bonds, life insurance or retirement plans

  • Proof of rent, mortgage and utility bills for the most recent month

  • Proof of any child care expenses in the most recent month

You will need to provide the above proofs if requested by the TANF application. Failing to cooperate with a documentation request can result in the denial of your TANF benefits application. Learn more about required documents and items by downloading our free and informative guide.

How to Apply for TANF Program Benefits Online in Arizona

You can complete and submit an Arizona TANF application online, through Health-e-Arizona Plus. An online application for TANF benefits is considered one of the fastest and most convenient application methods, as it can be done within the comfort of your own home. Additionally, if you are asked to provide additional documentation after submitting your cash assistance application form, you will have option of either uploading the documentation and submitting it online, or faxing it with a cover sheet.

The Arizona Cash Assistance Application Form

If you prefer not to complete your cash assistance application through the online portal, you have the option of downloading and printing the TANF application online. If you do not have access to a printer, or would rather speak with a TANF representative, you can call TANF and request that a paper TANF benefits application be mailed to you. Alternatively, you also have the option of visiting your local TANF office and completing the cash assistance application there.

Once you have completed the cash assistance application form, you will have the options of turning the completed application in by mail, via fax or in person, at your local TANF office. Download our complimentary guide to read more about the TANF application procedures.

What to Expect After You Sign Up for Cash Assistance Program in Arizona

Once you have completed your cash assistance application in Arizona, you will be contacted to complete an eligibility interview over the phone, or in person at your local TANF office. This interview is to confirm the information on your AZ TANF application, and to further determine your eligibility for the cash assistance program. You should have all of the documentation and information that was outlined above handy, in case you are asked to provide any documentation to support your Arizona TANF application.

If you are asked to provide additional documentation to support your cash assistance application form, be sure to provide the information as quickly as possible, and let your caseworker know if you need any assistance in obtaining information. This will speed up your cash assistance application process tremendously.

Within 45 days from the date you sign up for the cash assistance program in Arizona, a decision will be made as to whether or not you will receive benefits from TANF, as well as the amount of benefits that you will receive. You can monitor the status of your application online at either Health-e-Arizona Plus or MyFamilyBenefits. Learn more about Arizona TANF benefits by downloading our comprehensive guide.

What Kind of Assistance Does the Arizona Family Assistance Services Department Offer?

The state of Arizona can assist eligible families with services such as food assistance or temporary cash assistance. To assess your eligibility, you must fill out an application and provide the required documents. To learn all of the details needed to prepare for this application process, download our comprehensive guide today.

Who Is Eligible To Benefit From the Arizona Family Assistance Services?

Eligible low-income families or individuals in Arizona can benefit from programs offered by the Family Assistance Services Department. Temporary financial assistance or Nutrition Assistance services are available to those who qualify upon filing an application. To find out if your family is eligible for these benefits, download our guide now.