Veteran Disability Compensation

Arizona VA disability compensation is a type of benefit issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to eligible individuals. Many veterans wonder, “What is VA disability compensation for?” when they learn about this type of benefit. It is important to note that there are a few different types of disability payments that eligible veterans may receive from the VA. Some are general payments, which can be used at a veteran’s discretion. Other disability-related benefits are granted in order to pay for specific needs, such as adaptive housing costs. In order to meet the Arizona VA disability compensation eligibility requirements, veterans need to have a disability, an injury or an illness that is connected to their service in the military. The level of compensation a disabled veteran receives depends on the severity of his or her condition. Note that a veteran’s degree of disability is referred to as a disability rating. Below, learn more about the VA disability compensation eligibility criteria and application steps for veterans who want to obtain benefits.

Arizona VA Disability Compensation Benefits

You may be wondering, “How does the VA disability compensation work?” if you are a disabled veteran in Arizona. Disability compensation for veterans can help you make ends meet after a service-connected condition prevents you from working or earning an income. Note that you do not need to be a low-income individual in order to receive disability benefits from the VA. Instead, this form of payment is simply intended to compensate you for your losses. Any payment you receive for a disability is tax-free, meaning that you can keep the entire amount that you are granted. When you apply for VA disability compensation in AZ, the amount of benefits you receive will depend on your disability rating or the type of presumed disability you have. In general, you receive a higher allotment of benefits if you have a greater degree of disability. If you are unfamiliar with the disability rating system, note that it requires you to make a claim with the VA in order to receive an official rating. Once your claim has been processed, you will be assigned a rating that ranges from zero to 100 percent disabled.

The amount of veteran disability compensation you receive in Arizona also depends on your marital status and whether you have any children. If you are granted VA disability compensation, you can obtain additional benefits such as a Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) or adapted housing grants. SMC payments are available on top of your other VA payments if you have specific types of disabilities from your military service. Adaptive housing grants are provided if you need to remodel your home or build a new home in order to accommodate a service-connected disability. In addition, veteran DMV designations and VA health benefits are available to veterans in need.

VA Disability Compensation Qualifications in Arizona

To be eligible for veteran disability compensation in Arizona, the main requirement is that your disability was caused – or made worse – by your service in the military. To get VA disability benefits in AZ, it is equally important that you have served or trained on active duty in the armed forces, and that you were not discharged dishonorably from the military. In some situations, you can receive benefits if you were disabled while training on inactive duty. To qualify under such circumstances, your disability must have originated from a heart attack, a stroke or a training injury. Regardless of your situation, getting compensation requires that you have a disability rating of 10 percent or more. Review more information about disability ratings in our informative guide.

Veterans disability compensation benefits may be granted as soon as you leave the military, but you can also receive payments if an injury or disability arises at a later time. In most cases, getting VA disability compensation requires that you provide evidence that your condition was caused by your service, or that your time in the military exacerbated an existing condition or injury that you had. However, under certain circumstances, the VA will determine your VA compensation eligibility based on situations you experienced during your military service. For example, being exposed to harmful substances or serving in certain areas during specific wars may make you eligible for VA compensation benefits. When the VA deems that you are categorically eligible for VA disability benefits, it may not be necessary for you to provide evidence of your condition. Many people think that veteran disability compensation in Arizona is only granted for people with physical conditions, but mental health conditions can also qualify you for benefits. For example, developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can make you eligible for payments. Learn about the specific requirements to verify your eligibility for disability benefits by downloading our complimentary guide.

Arizona VA Disability Application Process

When you are ready to enroll in veteran disability in Arizona, there are a few different methods you may use. Applying for VA disability compensation can be done online, through the mail, via fax or in person. If you have not yet left the military, there is also a specific process for submitting an application for VA disability compensation before you are discharged. In Arizona, there are several VA offices where you can apply for benefits in person. These offices will also arrange for home visits if you would prefer to receive in-person assistance without leaving your house. To apply for Arizona VA disability benefits online, by fax or through the mail, note that your form will be processed at a national intake office that is outside of the state. Learn more about how to enroll in VA disability benefits by downloading our comprehensive guide.

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