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How Couponing Can Help You Save On Groceries

Manufacturers and stores make coupons for marketing purposes – as saving money on a product is a huge incentive to buy it.Therefore, couponing benefits both parties, buyers and sellers. Simply put, using coupons is an easy way to save money ongroceries. To coupon successfully, all you need is a little patience, organization and persistence. Coupons are easily accessibleand can be used at most grocery stores. They can be found online, in newspapers and magazines, and in brick-and-mortar storesthemselves. You can also have coupons mailed directly to your home.

There are tons of coupons available for all kinds of grocery store products. Not to mention, many grocery stores will allowyou to use multiple coupons for one item, or one coupon for several items. This can save you a substantial amount on weeklyexpenses. Find out exactly how you can capitalize on these savings by reading the sections below, where you can discoverhow couponing works and just how much you can save on groceries.

Types Of Coupons

There are two main types of coupons: store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Typically, store coupons can only be used atthe store that issued them. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Store coupons can be found online or in coupon dispensersat the retailer’s location. In any case, usage of store coupons varies. Some store coupons permit you to purchase more thanone item with the discount, while others only allow one item per coupon. Furthermore, most store coupons can be used inconjunction with other coupons or store discounts.

Manufacturer coupons, on the other hand, can be used at any store that accepts coupons and sells the specific manufacturer’sproducts. These coupons can be found online at various websites and in newspapers, magazines and stores. Only one manufacturer’scoupon can be used per item.

Joining the mailing lists of grocery stores you frequent and manufacturers you like is an easy way to get store coupons sentdirectly to you. Also, coupon apps are available. To use them, simply register your phone or credit card to your grocerystore’s online coupon center, and add the coupons you want to use to your phone. The cashier computer at your grocery storewill recognize your phone or credit card when you pay and will automatically add the appropriate coupon discounts to yourpurchase.

How Couponing Works

The term couponing refers to the collection and use of multiple coupons to get discounts on various store items. Smart shopperswill accumulate their coupon collections over a long period of time to get the best deals. This is because many couponshave long usage periods. However, some coupons expire shortly after you receive them. These are the coupons you want touse right away. It is important to pay attention to when your coupons expire to ensure you receive the most savings. Itis also important to read the fine print written on individual coupons. Doing so will inform you about the limitations ofeach coupon.

As mentioned, some coupons can be used for multiple products, while other coupons can only be used for one specific product.For instance, a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon for Kraft can get you a discount on any Kraft product. However, a $1 couponfor Kraft macaroni and cheese boxes will only give you a discount on Kraft macaroni and cheese. In addition, some couponscan only be used a limited amount of times per product or per transaction. For example, you may get some buy-one-get-one-freestore coupons for canned beans that only let you use a maximum of four coupons per transaction. This means that you willonly be allowed to purchase eight cans of beans at a time using the discount. Moreover, you might get a store coupon for$0.50 Hershey’s chocolates that only permits the purchase of three chocolate bars per coupon. This means you can use thisone coupon to purchase up to three Hershey’s candy bars, each for $0.50.

How To Organize Coupons

Keeping track of all of your coupons can become difficult if you have a lot of them. Accordingly, staying organized is crucialto coupon usage. Coupons must be organized by expiration date. Those that expire sooner should be the most accessible toyou while you shop. Effective ways to organize your coupons include:

  • Clipping your coupons and storing them in a binder with page protector sheets.
  • Clipping your coupons and storing them in Ziploc bags.
  • Paper clipping whole coupon sheets together and storing them in accordion folders.
  • Investing in a couponizer.

There are many pros and cons to each of these organizational methods. Although storage solutions like binders and couponizersallow you to locate specific coupons quickly and easily, they can be difficult to carry around while shopping. Meanwhile,Ziploc bags and accordion folders are easy to carry around a store, but locating specific coupons in them might take a while.As a result, the best way to organize your coupons is to pick two coupon storage methods: one to leave at home and one tobring to the store.

How To Save On Groceries With Coupons

Skilled couponers will rarely pay full price for their groceries. This is because they time their use of coupons efficiently.For instance, the best time to use coupons is when your grocery store is having a sale. Most grocery stores have weeklysales, so they are easy to keep up with. The discounts you receive using coupons during a sale could cut your grocery billin half. Thus, getting familiar with your grocery store’s calendar can be extremely beneficial to you. If you decide tosave some of your coupons to use during sales, be sure to check their expiration dates beforehand to ensure that they donot go to waste. Reviewing your grocery store’s coupon policy before shopping with coupons is highly recommended. Doingso will give you insight on which coupons to look out for in the future.

Once you have collected coupons from various sources, organize your coupons in a way that works best for you. Next, reviewwhich products you have coupons for and keep an eye out for those products while you shop. Also, shop wisely. Sometimesit is more cost-effective to buy the items you have a lot of coupons for in bulk. However, be sure to only do this withproducts that have long shelf lives. If you buy in bulk often, investing in a deep freezer for perishable items is recommended.Doing so will help you save even more on groceries.