Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Disaster unemployment assistance in Arizona (DUA) is governed, as in all states, by the United States Department of Labor, a federal agency. This particular type of unemployment insurance provides support to people who have suffered loss of work due to a natural catastrophe in their area and who are otherwise ineligible for regular unemployment benefits. Because of the highly specialized nature of disaster unemployment assistance eligibility, it is the duty of the president to implement the release of these relief funds after the official proclamation of a major disaster, and it is the job of the Secretary of Labor to ensure that these funds are adequately supplied to agencies such as FEMA and local DES offices in affected states. To learn more about the Disaster Unemployment Assistance application and how to apply for disaster unemployment assistance, continue reading the sections below.

Who is eligible for disaster relief in Arizona?

In the event of a federally-declared catastrophic event, disaster unemployment assistance in AZ would be made immediately available to any claimant whom the disaster had affected in any of the following ways:

  • Work was lost because of an injury caused by the disaster.

  • Work was lost because of damage or loss inflicted on the place of work.

  • Work was lost due to closings of roads leading to or areas containing the work place.

  • The applicant no longer has a job or a place of work at all due to any aspect of the disaster’s physical consequences.

  • The applicant has become the head of household due to death caused by the disaster.

The disaster unemployment assistance application must be filled out by any interested claimant within a 30-day timeframe after the official date the federal government announces the release of DUA funds. Those who meet disaster unemployment eligibility file by whatever method the local Arizona DES encourages-by phone, in person or by internet. All general rules and regulations observed by the state of Arizona for unemployment insurance benefits apply, and claimants must be deemed ineligible for any other unemployment insurance by federal or state law. Claimants for disaster unemployment assistance should be prepared to show documentation concerning their identity, wages lost, description of lost work or commissions and any other applicable documentation deemed necessary by the DES or FEMA. Any failure to include accurate information or the deliberate omission of any required information on the disaster unemployment assistance application can result in felony criminal charges.

An Outline of Disaster Relief Benefits in Arizona

Should disaster unemployment assistance in Arizona ever be needed, the federal government would institute a period called the Disaster Assistance Period (DAP). The DAP period technically begins on the first day of the week following the president’s proclamation of a natural disaster. For instance, disaster unemployment eligibility would begin the following Monday should the federal government declare a state of emergency on Friday. From that date forward, any qualified claimant for disaster unemployment assistance could receive up to 26 weeks of DUA benefits. Each state has differing laws regarding maximum weekly payouts of disaster unemployment assistance based on the same statutes that govern more basic types of unemployment insurance. In Arizona, the maximum weekly payout is $240 and the minimum is $119. While the maximum possible disaster unemployment assistance in Arizona would remain the same, the minimum possible payout is 50 percent of the average weekly unemployment benefit for the state (Department of Labor). Learn more by downloading our free guide.

A Quick Look at the Disaster Unemployment Assistance Application in Arizona

For those wondering how to apply for disaster unemployment assistance in Arizona, it is vital to bear in mind that DUA benefits are only available through the local DES office once the president has officially declared a major disaster for the area. There are not state-specific forms for disaster unemployment assistance and any dispensation of such disaster support comes directly from the Department of Labor down to the affected state(s) only during times of declared need. In these times of proclaimed disaster, the Department of Labor will publicly announce that disaster unemployment assistance eligibility is available for affected residents. If a resident has been evacuated from Arizona during a time of disaster, he or she should contact the local Arizona DES office for help filing a claim. Often, DES offices in states receiving evacuees will work in conjunction with the DES offices of the affected state to aid displaced residents in filing for disaster relief support.

For all the pertinent details concerning disaster unemployment assistance in Arizona, download our comprehensive guide.

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Who Is Eligible for Employment Services in Arizona?

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