Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance


Eligibility for unemployment in Arizona is extended to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. What are the requirements to get Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits? Unemployment Insurance eligibility is determined by standards set by the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) and benefits are paid out through the same agency. All applicants must meet qualifications for Unemployment Insurance benefits in order to have their UI application processed. Some eligibility for unemployment is based on monetary factors, while others are linked to the reasons you find yourself unemployed. All applicants who obtain unemployment insurance payments must continue to meet certain requirements after approval if they wish to keep receiving assistance on a weekly basis. Review the sections below to learn who qualifies for unemployment in AZ and learn the information DES will require from you before agreeing to provide you with a weekly UI benefit payment.

Note: UI benefits in Arizona and other southwestern states are often referred to as “EDD benefits” because California manages them through their Employment Development Department (EDD).

Who is eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits in Arizona?

When wondering how to qualify for unemployment benefits in Arizona, you must be unemployed through no fault of your own, which means that you did not quit your job or get fired for misconduct on the job. Although this is a basic standard for who qualifies for unemployment benefits, sometimes DES can make exceptions to the rule if you felt forced to quit your job due to specific reasons relating to your personal safety. Your eligibility for EDD, or Employment Development Department, payments includes meeting the state residency requirements outlined by DES. Eligibility for unemployment benefits is extended only to U.S. citizens and others who can prove legal residency in the State of Arizona.

The Wage Requirement for UI Benefits in Arizona

As you begin to learn how to qualify for unemployment benefits, you will notice that you must start by meeting wage and employment minimums determined by DES. When determining eligibility for unemployment benefits, all states use a similar process regarding base periods and wage requirements. To obtain unemployment insurance eligibility in Arizona, you must have worked during certain quarters of the previous year to calculate your base period. Your eligibility for EDD payments also requires you to have earned a specific amount of money during each quarter of your qualifying base period. Meeting these qualifications for unemployment benefits is vital because doing so determines the amount of your weekly benefit payment. To learn more about base periods and minimum earnings for unemployment benefits in Arizona, download our comprehensive guide today.

Who is not eligible for UI in Arizona?

You cannot obtain eligibility for unemployment benefits if you fail to meet the wage and employment period minimums required by DES. Eligibility for EDD payments is linked to having a sufficient earnings history. Therefore, if you do not meet DES’s requirements for the number of months worked prior to filing for unemployment, your application for benefits will be denied.

Other factors that affect unemployment insurance eligibility are related to your actions before and after losing your job. Eligibility for unemployment benefits cannot be extended to individuals who are not physically able to work. Unemployment benefit payments cannot be given to those who have decided not to return to the workforce or to those who are unwilling to devote sufficient time toward actively searching for a new job. If you want eligibility for EDD payments, note that a sincere job-searching commitment is part of the agreement to receive weekly payments. You may wonder how to qualify for unemployment after quitting your job or being fired. In most cases, you cannot qualify for unemployment insurance benefits if you voluntarily decide to quit your job. You are also not eligible for unemployment if you were fired for failing to perform your job properly or because you are guilty of other types of misconduct. DES can make certain unemployment eligibility exceptions if you can provide proof that you were forced to quit due to being mistreated by your employer. You may also receive an eligibility for unemployment exception if you have proof that you were not fired for misconduct, but for illegal reasons, such as discrimination based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion or gender.

Maintaining Eligibility After Acceptance

What are the requirements to get unemployment benefit payments on a regular basis after your UI application is approved? You must maintain eligibility by engaging in certain proactive behaviors outlined by the DES. These qualifications for unemployment benefit payments include filing your weekly benefit claim on time. Unemployment insurance eligibility in Arizona is also maintained by actively seeking a new job by following the directions provided by DES. You could lose your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits if you refuse any job offers that you receive while you are filing weekly claims for UI payments. To keep your qualifications for unemployment insurance benefits, you must also carefully follow all DES rules for reporting any wages you earn while you are actively receiving payments from the EDD. For more specific information regarding how to maintain your unemployment insurance eligibility, review the details in our comprehensive guide to UI benefits in Arizona.

What Kinds of Employment Services Does Arizona Offer?

The state of Arizona offers various programs meant to assist residents who have become unemployed. These employment services include unemployment insurance programs and job training initiatives. To learn about how you can apply for unemployment benefits and receive job assistance in Arizona, download our guide today.

Who Is Eligible for Employment Services in Arizona?

Arizona residents that meet certain criteria can qualify to receive employment benefits and training. The state has set job loss standards that determine the eligibility and amount of benefits an individual may be able to receive. To find out if you are eligible for Arizona unemployment benefits, download our guide now.