Veteran Employment Assistance Programs

Veteran employment programs in Arizona are designed to help veterans transition into the workforce, learn new skills, manage disabilities, and more. AZ veteran employment services are available to most former service members who completed time in the military, but additional eligibility requirements do apply. Applications for veteran employment and training service programs can be submitted to the Arizona Department of Economic Services by mail or in-person. The information below will help you learn more about applying for veteran employment programs in Arizona.

Eligibility Requirements for Veteran Employment Services in Arizona

To be eligible for Arizona job training programs for veterans, an applicant must fall into one of the following groups: Special Disabled Veteran or Disabled Veteran, Eligible Veteran, or Eligible Spouse. Disabled veterans are eligible for veterans assistance programs if they received their disability during their time in service and were honorably discharged from the military. Eligible Veterans can receive veteran employment training services if they have completed active duty for at least 180 days and have also been discharged honorably. Eligible Spouses qualify for employment and training services if they are married to a veteran that died or was rendered totally incapacitated as a result of a service-related disability. If you are a veteran and have recently lost your job, you are also eligible to obtain ex-service member unemployment benefits.

Veteran Employment Programs in Arizona

There are four main AZ veteran employment programs serving the state’s service members. While some of these services are job training programs for veterans, others provide employment services, like counseling and job hunting. Some of these employment and training services are available to all eligible veterans while others may only apply to disabled veterans. Keep reading to find more details on job assistance for vets.

Veterans’ Priority of Service

Arizona veteran employment services and programs use Priority of Service designations to help organize the allotment of resources. Veteran employment and training services in AZ, including job training programs and internships, are available to veterans and their spouses with what is referred to as Covered Person status. An individual is considered a covered person for veteran employment programs if he/she served active duty in the military and was discharged honorably. Spouses of veterans are considered eligible covered persons if the veteran died or was totally incapacitated due to a service-related injury.

Disabled Veterans Outreach Program

The Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) is a veterans assistance program in Arizona designed to offer specialist assistance to disabled veterans, eligible veterans and eligible spouses. AZ Veteran employment services are provided through DVOP specialists who are trained to help veterans from all walks transition into regular work. Benefits of the veteran employment and training service include work training, job searching, and skill building education.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Created to provide special veteran employment training services in Arizona to veterans with disabilities, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) offers several opportunities for eligible disabled veterans to re-enter the workforce. Some of these veteran job and training service benefits include:

  • Tutoring, mentoring and skills training to lead to the completion of secondary school

  • Paid and unpaid work experience such as internships or apprenticeships

  • Occupational skills training and certifications

  • Leadership development and guidance counseling

  • Supportive and follow-up services

You can learn more about these jobs resources for veterans by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Local Veterans Employment Representatives

Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVER) are VA staff that focus on securing veteran jobs services in Arizona through outreach into the community and by forming relationships with local employers. LVER representatives participate in veteran job assistance programs in AZ and engage in advocacy efforts in the name of veterans to help gain and retain employment opportunities, especially for the disabled. LVER staff also conduct their own veteran employment training services and programs to help veterans prepare for the job market. Veterans can find more information about job training programs for veterans and a listing of LVERs in their area through the Arizona Veterans Administration.

How to Apply for Veteran Employment and Training Services in Arizona

Participation in the Arizona veteran job skills training service can only begin by submitting an application to the Arizona Department of Economic Services (DES) by mail or in person. Applications for veteran employment programs in AZ can be picked up from a local DES location. To complete the application for these programs, veterans should contact a representative from the DVOP program for submission guidelines and with any questions or requests for assistance. If an individual eligible for veteran employment services has not already applied for veterans assistance programs through the federal government, he or she should do so. Arizona provides several additional employment and training services to veterans and their families, but several foundational assistance programs are offered and overseen by the Veterans Affairs Department of the national government.

Veterans can submit an application for veteran employment services to the federal VA program online, by mail, or in-person at a local VA office. Arizona LVER and DVOP representatives can help veterans apply for federal job training programs for veterans and understand their rights and opportunities for assistance. Veterans should also be aware of scholarships and other available aid that will help them obtain a degree, thus improving their chances of getting hired. Upon submitting an application, veterans are guaranteed a response on the status of their case within thirty days of receipt at the VA Department. Instructions for appeal of a negative decision are included with the department’s written notification of the decision.

Download our comprehensive guide to find more in-depth details on the employment assistance programs available to veterans in Arizona.

What Kinds of Employment Services Does Arizona Offer?

The state of Arizona offers various programs meant to assist residents who have become unemployed. These employment services include unemployment insurance programs and job training initiatives. To learn about how you can apply for unemployment benefits and receive job assistance in Arizona, download our guide today.

Who Is Eligible for Employment Services in Arizona?

Arizona residents that meet certain criteria can qualify to receive employment benefits and training. The state has set job loss standards that determine the eligibility and amount of benefits an individual may be able to receive. To find out if you are eligible for Arizona unemployment benefits, download our guide now.