Arizona Health Services FAQs

  1. Why was I denied medical insurance?
    There a number of reasons you may be denied medical insurance. Many of them will depend on which insurance plan you applied for. Most will deny you if you do not file at the right time or fail to pay your premium. However, since the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a provider cannot deny you health care coverage if you have a pre-existing condition.

  3. How do I appeal my Medicare denial if I feel I was wrongly denied?
    If your request for coverage from Medicare is denied, then you can file an appeal. To do this, speak with your doctor about information needed to file an appeal claim and documents pertaining to your case.

  5. How do I file a complaint about Medicare?
    How you file your complaint is determined by what the complaint is about. You can file a complaint about a doctor, hospital, provider, your health or drug plan, the quality of your care, your dialysis or kidney transplant care or your medical equipment. If you need assistance with filing a complaint, then you can contact the Beneficiary and Family Centered Care Quality Improvement Organization (BFCC-QIO) in Arizona.

  7. How do I file an appeal for the denial of Medicaid?
    You will need to make a written appeal to the agency that denied your application stating why you believe you qualify for Medicaid coverage. Your denial notice will list the reasons why you were denied benefits as well as the steps to appeal the denial.

  9. How I file a complaint about Medicaid?
    To file a complaint about an aspect of your Medicaid service, contact the office manager where the occurrence took place.

  11. How do I file an appeal or complaint about PACE?
    If you need to file a complaint or an appeal against PACE, then follow the same process you would for a Medicare or Medicaid complaint or appeal.

  13. Where can I discuss the cost of my health care coverage with someone?
    The Arizona State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is a free service offered to Medicare beneficiaries and their families. It offers health counseling and can answer any questions you may have including what the expected health care cost is with Medicaid or Medicare coverage.

  15. What can I do I believe I have fallen for a scam and have lost money?
    If you have fallen prey to an insurance scam, then you should contact and report the scam to your insurance company as well as ask what assistance it can give you. You can also file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office by calling one of the following numbers:

    • Phoenix: (602) 542-5763

    • Tucson: (520) 628-6504

    • Other: (800) 352-8431

  17. I’m a veteran. What kind of help am I eligible for?
    As a veteran who has served in the United States military, you are eligible for a wide variety of treatment plans designed to treat the many disorders and injuries soldiers suffer from, such as drug and alcohol dependency and post-traumatic stress disorder.

  19. How do I report changes in my income, address and other information to Medicare?
    If you need to report any life changes to Medicare, then you can contact the Social Security Administration online or by phone. You may also visit a local office to submit changes in person. It is important to understand that a change in income can influence the cost of Medicare premiums you are responsible for.

  21. How do I report changes in my income, address and other information to Medicaid?
    If you have Medicaid and need to report a life change, then you can update your information through your online account or by calling or by visiting your local Social Security Administration office.

  23. How do I report changes in my income, address and other information to Obamacare?
    If you have medical coverage through Obamacare, then you can report any changes online, over the phone or in person. You cannot do this by mail. An increase in earnings may affect how much advance tax subsidy goes towards health care premiums for which you qualify. Download our free guide to find out how your income influences your health care costs with an ACA plan.

  25. How do I disenroll from my Medicare or Medicaid plan?
    Enrolling in another plan will automatically disenroll you from your current plan. To disenroll completely, send your plan a signed disenrollment notice or call Medicare directly.

  27. How can I check the status of my Medicaid application?
    You can check the status of your Medicaid application on the Arizona website.

  29. How can I check the status of my Medicare application?
    If you applied for Medicare coverage, then you can visit the Medicare website to check the status of your application.

  31. How can I check the status of my Obamacare application?
    To check your application status, log in to your online account and check the completed applications page. You may also call the Marketplace directly.

  33. How do I check the status of my CHIP application?
    If it has been more than 30 days since you applied, then contact CHIP for an update. If you applied online, then visit the website to check your application’s status. If you did not apply online, then contact the CHIP health insurance company that you sent your application to. If you do not know which company your application was sent to, then you will need to locate all of the ones in your county and contact them to find your application before you can check its status.

  35. Can I have more than one health insurance plan at a time?
    Yes. Arizona currently has 60,000 members currently enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. Other combinations are also possible, but you will have to pay monthly premiums for both plans. Find out more about qualifying for both programs by downloading our comprehensive guide.

  37. Can I get Medicare before I turn 65 years of age?
    Yes. If you are younger than 65 years of age and you receive disability benefits from Social Security, then you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. However, you can switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C) or add a prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D) to your existing plan.

  39. Will Medicare cover my child(ren)?
    Medicare does not typically provide coverage for any dependent children you have unless they have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or a qualifying disability.

  41. Will Medicaid cover my child(ren)?
    Yes. The Arizona Health Care Containment System (AHCCS) provides coverage, including Medicaid, for children younger than 19 years of age. If they qualify, then you will not have to pay a monthly premium for them.

Who Is Eligible to Get Health Services in Arizona?

Residents must meet the eligibility requirements established by the Arizona Health Services Department in order to quality for programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Your income and age might be significant factors regarding your eligibility, but requirements vary. To learn more about AZ medical assistance, download our guide today.

What Kinds of Health Care Services Can I Receive in Arizona?

Arizona health care services differ significantly in regards to price and coverage. A resident’s eligibility might also play a role in the cost of each service. To learn about how you can apply for these health services, please download our guide now.