Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development

The Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development helps residents of the state obtain and keep housing, as well as working in other ways to enrich Arizona communities. The department offers homebuying benefits to certain residents based on eligibility requirements for home buying assistance. These homebuyer benefits are especially reserved for low-income households and living areas. Most of the buying and home renting benefits provided by the Department of Housing take the form of loans, grants and credits offered to Housing Partners of the department. Arizona Department of Housing Partners may be developers, government entities or other organizations, and they help to offer affordable housing and have the goal of revitalizing neighborhoods. Most of the homebuying benefits offered by the Department are funded by the federal government. In this article, residents will be introduced to some of the home renting and buying benefits in Arizona offered by the Department.

Homeownership Assistance

One of the major benefits offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development is homeownership assistance. The Arizona Department of Housing commits to assistance homeowners through a number of programs, including the HOME Plus Home Loan Program. This program is a homebuying benefit that opens homeownership up to households who cannot afford to pay for a down payment or closing costs on a home, but who still have shown a reliable history of paying off credit. Their experience with home renting benefits them by acting as evidence of payment reliability. Often low-income households can qualify for a mortgage but face many other challenges, such as high rent prices, student loan debt and a lack of employment mobility opportunities, which prevent them from paying some of the costs of buying a home. This is where the Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) steps in. The Arizona HUD, through loan programs, helps residents achieve the many homeownership benefits that come with purchasing a house, such as the ability to gain equity and to host display hospitality to friends and family. The HOME Plus Home Loan Program in particular factors in mortgage costs to determine an assistance amount that makes sense for a particular household. This homebuying assistance works as a payment deferment program and is available to many Arizona families.

The HUD in Arizona is also responsible for upholding the Fair Housing Act, which seeks to provide housing and home renting benefits to residents regardless of certain factors that may subject them to discrimination. For example, Arizona renting benefits should never be withheld from someone because of race, color, sex, religion or any other factor. There are many acts that can violate the Fair Housing Act if done based on such factors. Residents can learn more about fair housing rights by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Section 8 Housing

Section 8 housing refers to home buying benefits such as housing vouchers as well as rental benefits. The housing benefits voucher program is one of the main programs of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development for providing affordable homes to low-income, elderly and disabled households. Under the program, households are assisted in finding homes of their choosing rather than being limited to certain communities or buildings. The housing benefits in Arizona apply to any housing that meets the program’s qualifications. The voucher does not have to be used for subsidized housing communities. Such housebuying benefits vouchers are handled by local public housing agencies (PHAs), which are given funds from the Department of Housing & Urban Development. Families who are given the vouchers can only experience the program’s home renting benefits if the owner or landlord agrees to enter into a rental agreement under the voucher program. Under the program, the landlord is paid a housing benefit subsidy by the PHA, and the renting household must pay whatever is left between the subsidy and full rent cost.

The Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development participates in Section 8 programs, which are overseen by the Arizona Public Housing Authority (APHA) in the state. There are two main section 8 buying and renting benefits in Arizona: the Housing Choice Voucher Program and Project-Based Rental Assistance. The Housing Choice Voucher Program is the Arizona-specific outworking of the federal voucher program. Different jurisdictions may have the Housing Choice Voucher Program administered by different agencies. The voucher housing benefits in Arizona require recipients to meet eligibility requirements and to also join a waiting list in order to be considered. Only so many vouchers are given out by the APHA. To learn if you are eligible for home renting benefits in your area, the Arizona Department of Housing can provide a listing of housing agencies in the state and learn which one serves your area.

The other Section 8 renting benefit in Arizona is Project-Based Rental Assistance. Rental assistance includes help for residents who wish to live in a number of properties around the state. There are thousands of units available under this program, although housing agencies do not own or manage the properties. Rental benefits are instead accepted by private owners who have Housing Assistance Payments Contracts with the Department of Housing & Development. To learn more about housing vouchers extended in the state of Arizona, click here.

What Kind of Assistance Is Offered by the Arizona HUD?

The Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) provides various services to state residents. However, applicants must meet income requirements established by the HUD to receive housing loans and vouchers. To learn more about the application details regarding housing benefits, download our guide today.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Housing Assistance in Arizona?

Income and residency requirements are established by the AZ Department of Housing and Urban Development for residents to qualify for housing benefits. Details regarding your income and household typically serve as the basis of an application, but requirements vary. To learn more about the criteria you must meet to obtain housing benefits, please download our guide.