Housing Counseling in Arizona

Housing counseling in Arizona can help you overcome the pressure associated with buying, owning or renting a home. The opportunity to attend housing counseling services and talk to a housing counselor can sometimes be the difference between success and failure when moving to a new home. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sponsors housing counseling services in AZ to help residents with the many variables of moving into a new home, like budgets, credit and job security.

There is a wide range of low-cost and free housing counseling services available, ranging from home buying counseling to foreclosure avoidance counseling. Even if you want more information about buying a HUD home, these counseling services can help you prepare for first-time home buying. Some services are free through grants and sponsorships, while others have small fees associated with them. The sections below will help you learn what housing counseling services are available in Arizona and how to get the opportunity to talk to a housing counselor.

What are housing counseling services in Arizona?

HUD sponsors housing counseling in Arizona and across the nation to those seeking to rent or own a home, or those who already own a home, even those residents not using government assistance for housing. These programs give potential buyers and renters the advice and information on FHA loans, foreclosure avoidance, reverse mortgages, pre-purchase planning, budgeting, loan default, credit problems and renting. The goal of these housing counseling services is to give buyers and renters the ability to talk to a housing counselor about all of his or her concerns in the home buying or renting process and learn more about the financial responsibility of owning or renting a house. It also allows current homeowners the ability to talk to housing counselors about potential financial issues that may arise and cause issues with keeping their home.

How can I get housing counseling services in Arizona?

There are no specific rules for Arizona itself, as HUD-sponsored housing counseling services are offered nationwide and follow the same basic programs. This nationwide standardization makes talking to a housing counselor in AZ a streamlined process. The first step is figuring out what type of housing counseling service you need. If you need a reverse mortgage, you want to search for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgages counselor. However, if you need general housing counseling services, like home buying counseling, you simply need to learn how to get access to certified housing counseling agencies.

Once you know what type of housing counseling agency you need, you can log on to HUD’s housing counseling webpage and search for that type of housing counseling in Arizona. You can search the entire state, within certain cities and even by agency name. Make sure to choose the counseling type you need, so you know you will get the help you need. After finding the office nearest you that offers the housing counseling services you need, you can schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor. This process can vary by office, as some will take your initial information online, but other may require you to call to set up an appointment. Learn more about housing counseling services in Arizona by downloading our comprehensive guide here.

Cost of Housing Counseling in Arizona

Though housing counseling agencies receive sponsorships from HUD, they are permitted to charge fees for certain services. Some of the services they can charge for include for pre-purchase counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, credit counseling, counseling for renters, home buying counseling and post-purchase non-delinquency counseling. There is an exception to the permitted fees housing counseling agencies can charge. The agency must provide these services for free if a homebuyer, homeowner or renter demonstrates he or she cannot afford the fees. The HUD also requires a housing counseling agency to present fees for services at the beginning of the meeting, and the agency must charge a fair price for the service provided. There are several other free ways to get housing counseling in Arizona, and those are if you are facing foreclosure or are homeless.

Free Housing Counseling in Arizona

If your needs for Arizona housing counseling are urgent because you are facing foreclosure, you need to speak specifically with a foreclosure avoidance counselor. Like the other housing counseling services, HUD has a full list of these agencies online. During your consultation, the HUD-approved counselor will go over programs available to help you keep your home. Programs like the Making Home Affordable Program, Home Affordable Modification Program and others can provide assistance for foreclosure avoidance. The housing counseling agent will also go over plans available for mortgages where the borrower owes much more than the home is worth (underwater mortgages), programs for homeowners who are unemployed and options for those who have no other choice than to leave their home or already experienced foreclosure.

The housing counseling agencies participating with the HUD program draw their funding from HUD sponsorships and other private grants. HUD requires these housing counseling agencies to provide foreclosure avoidance counseling for free. If you come across a housing counseling agency that offers foreclosure counseling but requires a fee for this service, the office is doing so against HUD regulations.

Housing counseling agencies are also required to give homeless counseling for free. If you find yourself without a home consistently or are at risk of becoming homeless, you can talk to a housing counselor for free. During the counseling session, the counselor will go over housing assistance programs to help you find a home, ways to get access to inexpensive or free food, general health and safety items and job training services. To learn where to find housing counseling services in Arizona, click here for our comprehensive guide.

What Kind of Assistance Is Offered by the Arizona HUD?

The Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) provides various services to state residents. However, applicants must meet income requirements established by the HUD to receive housing loans and vouchers. To learn more about the application details regarding housing benefits, download our guide today.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Housing Assistance in Arizona?

Income and residency requirements are established by the AZ Department of Housing and Urban Development for residents to qualify for housing benefits. Details regarding your income and household typically serve as the basis of an application, but requirements vary. To learn more about the criteria you must meet to obtain housing benefits, please download our guide.