Information About Section 8 Waiting Lists


The Arizona low income housing waiting list is where the state places all Section 8 applicants who are awaiting vouchers for low-income housing. Knowing as much information about Section 8 waiting lists as possible and how to check your status is important for getting selected. The low-income housing waiting lists in AZ tend to fill up quickly due to the limited number of Section 8 vacancies each jurisdiction has. Learning how to check waiting list status for Section 8 ensures that you always know the current status of your application. In the sections below, you will find information on Section 8 waiting lists to help guide you through the process of getting your voucher.


Knowing When the Arizona Section 8 Waiting List is Open

The Section 8 waiting lists in Arizona close frequently, and sometimes remain closed for years. For example, Phoenix, Arizona’s Section 8 wait list remained closed from 2005 through 2016 due to the number of applicants it received. “When will the Section 8 waiting lists open?” is a common question for petitioners who have completed the Section 8 application process. There are ways to immediately know when a waiting list opens. Vacancies on the Section 8 housing program application waiting list are announced in the following ways:

  • Local television broadcasts
  • Local radio advertisements
  • Local newspapers
  • Word of mouth
  • Announcements on government websites

Because some AZ Section 8 waiting lists open so infrequently, immediately knowing when a list will open can greatly increase your chances of getting on it and being awarded a voucher.

How to Get on the Section 8 Waiting List in Arizona

Getting on the Section 8 housing program application waiting list can be difficult. A key to success is getting on as many Section 8 waiting lists as possible, as spreading your name across multiple waiting lists increases your chances of moving up a list and getting a Section 8 voucher.

Getting your household on Section 8 housing program application waiting lists varies between jurisdictions, as each one acts independently and has its own online application portal. If you cannot apply via the online portal due to a special need, you can request accommodation at that jurisdiction’s Housing Authority office. After applying for an Arizona Section 8 waiting list, you will receive a client number. Write this number down and keep it in a safe place, as you will need it later to check your status for Section 8 or update your personal information.

Learn more information about Section 8 waiting lists in AZ by downloading our full guide here.

Check Waiting List Status for Section 8 in Arizona

Once you are on the low-income housing waiting list in Arizona, you need to periodically check your waiting list status. These Section 8 wait lists update frequently, and an unreported change in your life, including a new address, phone number, a change in household size or an income change, could result in you falling off the waiting list and having to start all over. Even if you were added to the AZ Section 8 housing waiting list 2018, you need to log in and see if you are still on the list or if you need to update out-of-date information.

You can check your status on the low-income housing waiting list through an online portal using the client number you received when you initially applied for the Section 8 waiting list. This portal will show you what number you are on the waiting list, and you can verify there are no potential issues that could cause a rejection, like an outdated address.

Moving up the Section 8 Waiting List in Arizona

While there is no way to actively push your household up the Section 8 voucher waiting list in Arizona, you can take the following steps to help your application move up the list organically:

  • Log on to the client portal frequently and make sure all your information is up to date.
  • Update your profile immediately if anything has changed.
  • Immediately respond to all inquiries from the jurisdictions you applied to.

Following these Section 8 waiting list steps will keep your name on the list. The longer you remain on the AZ low income housing waiting list, the higher up the list you go and the better your chances are of being selected for a voucher. Updating your information ensures no issues will arise if the Housing Authority chooses you to interview for a voucher, as outdated information can lead to a rejection for a Section 8 voucher during the interview process as well.

When applying for the low-income housing waiting list, certain applicants may receive preference. To learn more about these Section 8 waiting list preferences, download our complimentary guide today.

What Kind of Assistance Is Offered by the Arizona HUD?

The Arizona Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) provides various services to state residents. However, applicants must meet income requirements established by the HUD to receive housing loans and vouchers. To learn more about the application details regarding housing benefits, download our guide today.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Housing Assistance in Arizona?

Income and residency requirements are established by the AZ Department of Housing and Urban Development for residents to qualify for housing benefits. Details regarding your income and household typically serve as the basis of an application, but requirements vary. To learn more about the criteria you must meet to obtain housing benefits, please download our guide.