Driving Jobs You Can Obtain Without a Commercial Driver’s License

If you are in need of a new job or additional side income, one of your most valuable resources is your driver’s license. You may assume you cannot get driving jobs without a commercial driving license, but there are actually many driving jobs that do not have such legal requirements. All you need to perform certain types of driving jobs are a regular driver’s license, a relatively good driving record and, in some cases, your own vehicle. Many driving jobs also come with perks, although the types of incentives will vary from one job to the next. Examples of perks you may receive while working as a driver include: reimbursement for mileage or meals, tips and the ability to set your own driving schedule. In some cases, you may also be given the opportunity to drive vehicles belonging to other individuals or to the company for which you work. This prevents you from putting any wear and tear on your own vehicle and allows you to earn an income from driving even if you do not currently own a vehicle. Below is a list of common driving jobs you can obtain without a commercial driver’s license.

Newspaper or Telephone Book Delivery Jobs

The idea of newspaper delivery may conjure up images in your mind of young children on bicycles, but most newspapers today are delivered by adults driving cars. The same is true of telephone book deliveries. Newspaper or telephone book delivery is one of the easiest delivery jobs you can obtain due to the repetitive nature of the task and the fact that you do not need any special skills to be hired. You will most likely be driving the same route each time and visiting the same locations. Newspapers are typically delivered in the early morning, so you should only apply for a newspaper delivery job if you are willing and able to work during predawn hours. You will also have to use your own car to make the deliveries, so your car must be in good condition.

Food Delivery

Food delivery jobs are among the most coveted by people who want to drive for a living because of the perks involved. If you accept a position delivering food, such as pizza, you are likely to get free food from the restaurant from which you are delivering. Food delivery jobs also typically offer high tips. However, you must be able to consistently deliver the food quickly to receive substantial tips and to keep customers happy. Therefore, it is important to know the roads in your designated delivery area well.

Courier and General Delivery Jobs

In addition to food delivery jobs, you can obtain different types of courier and general delivery jobs without a CDL license. For example, you may choose to deliver packages for popular delivery services. Alternatively, you can become a delivery driver for a florist, grocer or any other type of company that offers products delivered directly to customers’ homes or businesses. Most courier jobs involve local driving only, so you will not have to worry about overnight stays away from home.

Parking Valet Jobs

A parking valet position is among one of the easiest types of driving jobs you can apply for without a CDL license. If you accept a position as a parking valet, you will typically need to drive a vehicle from the front of a business to a parking area located nearby. In order to become a parking valet, you must have a good driving record. You are also required to interact with vehicle owners all day, so a good attitude and customer service skills are requirements as well.

Taxi and Chauffeur Driving Jobs

You do not need a CDL to become a taxi driver or a chauffeur. However, you will need a chauffeur’s license if you intend to work for a company that provides such services. As a chauffeur or a taxi driver, you are responsible for transporting one or more people at a time. However, by federal law you are not allowed to transport more than 16 people at once, regardless of the size of the vehicle you drive. Depending on the company you work for, you may be able to set your own hours but you may also be required to pay to rent the vehicle you drive from the company. You will then earn the money you paid back by collecting fares from the passengers you transport. Therefore, the more hours you work, the better your profits will be.

Rideshare Driving Jobs

Rideshare companies are companies that hire independent drivers in a freelance capacity to provide transportation to customers in their local areas. Unlike driving a taxi or limousine, if you take on a rideshare job you will be required to use your own vehicle to transport customers. Therefore, the vehicle must be safe, reliable and properly insured. The advantage of being a rideshare driver as opposed to a taxi driver is that you are responsible for your own vehicle and schedule. You will also not need a chauffeur’s license to work as a rideshare driver.