Tips for Climbing the Corporate Ladder From an Entry-Level Position

The process of advancing your career within a company is known as “climbing the corporate ladder.” If you are starting from an entry-level position within a company, completing a climb up the corporate ladder may feel like a daunting task. However, it is possible for you to increase your chances of quick career advancement by performing specific tasks and taking certain actions to shine a positive light on yourself and your skills. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, holding a master’s degree is likely to offer you access to higher wages and faster career advancement, particularly if you work in a business-related field. Regardless of your chosen career path, higher education will almost certainly help you to climb the corporate ladder faster. Below are several other career improvement tips which may help you succeed in gaining momentum on your chosen career path.

Stay Positive and Productive While Working

When you first step onto the corporate ladder, you may be looking at a long climb up. While you are seemingly stuck in an entry-level position, you must maintain a positive attitude and be as productive as possible. By displaying a positive attitude and doing your job well, you will gain attention from your supervisor and make yourself more likely to be promoted.

Use Mentoring to Your Advantage

When you are first starting out in the corporate world, it will be beneficial for you to find mentors who can help you learn about your chosen field and how the business world works in general. Mentors within the company can tell you a lot about the inner workings of the business. You may also choose to locate external mentors who will can offer you general business advice.

In addition to obtaining mentors for yourself, being a mentor to others as you climb the corporate ladder may also help you advance your career faster. When you develop a reputation as a leader and positive influence, you may be given new positions which allow you to lead teams of individuals. You may also develop valuable allies in the corporate world who will pass on knowledge of your leadership skills to managers in higher positions.

Learn New Skills or Improve Existing Skills in Your Spare Time

A degree can help you to advance in the business world, but you can also learn new skills or improve existing skills in other ways. The internet features many free educational courses and video tutorials that you can use to increase your knowledge base. Keeping informed on new technologies, techniques and trends that may impact your place of work will help you to make a better impression on company executives and departmental managers.

If you wish to develop your skills even further, attend conferences and use social media connections to stay informed about the latest industry updates. Being proactive about teaching yourself industry-related information shows your supervisors you are serious about staying in the industry and working your way up the corporate ladder. Your wealth of industry knowledge will turn you into an indispensable resource and provide you with leverage during activities, such as regular reviews and wage negotiations.

Express Your Opinions to Management

All the knowledge in the world will not help you to work your way up the corporate ladder unless your managers are aware of your knowledge level. Therefore, you must be willing and able express your opinions to your managers and make it known that you are constantly increasing your knowledge base. For instance, if you are aware of a company project which is proving to be problematic, use your skills to come up with and express a possible solution, even if the problem in question is not part of your current work load. Your solution may not be the best one, but expressing your opinions will let your managers know that you are willing to participate and think, as well as illustrate to them that you have specific skills and knowledge they can use to the advantage of the company on an ongoing basis.

Work with a Heightened Sense of Awareness Regarding the Company

If you want to be promoted at a faster rate, you must do your own job well. However, it is also important to have a heightened sense of awareness about what is going on within the upper ladder rungs of the company you are employed with. Learn about current company projects and, if possible, take further actions or make additional suggestions beyond the confines of your own job description or department. Showing this initiative will indicate to your managers that you care about the company, have taken the time to study company dynamics and are willing and able to make suggestions for improvement, making them more likely to promote you sooner. Additionally, if you have knowledge of the next rung of the corporate ladder already, it will make it easier for you to quickly adapt to your new position when you do receive a promotion.