6 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Moving Company

With an influx of people moving to Arizona every day, the real estate market is buzzing. Phoenix has one of the largest real estate markets in the country, and both Phoenix and Tucson have been named as two of the nation’s top destinations for domestic relocation. More than 9,000 housing units are added to the Arizona real estate market each month and more than 7,000 are purchased. If you are planning your move into or within Arizona, you may be thinking about the daunting process of transporting your possessions from your old home to your new one. With the high costs associated with moving, it is often tempting to simply recruit friends and family to help you pack up and relocate. However, it can be hard to convince your friends to take on such a laborious task. There are several advantages to hiring professional movers to transport your possessions. The following guide discusses the benefits of using a moving company, including the company’s expertise, experience and professionalism.

  1. Packing ExpertiseWhile packing up boxes of clothes and kitchenware may be an easy Do-It-Yourself moving task, bulky items can sometimes pose challenges. Professional movers have the knowhow to quickly disassemble large pieces of furniture, bubble wrap oddly shaped vases or knickknacks and transport fragile items like flat screen televisions and. Furthermore, packing your own things may appear more cost effective because you save on labor costs, but it can cost you more money in the long run. Professional movers can look at a pile of stuff and visualize a mental game of Tetris to know exactly how to pack your things most effectively in the fewest number of boxes. Without this expertise, you may end up purchasing more boxes than you actually need. If you are not careful enough with foam and padding, your DIY packing could result in expensive damage of your valuables. Movers can also usually complete the job more quickly, saving you the excessive time of completing it yourself.
  2. Professional EquipmentProfessional movers are also helpful because they come with the right equipment needed for the job. For your heavy or awkwardly-shaped possessions, it is often useful to have tools such as dollies, hoisting straps, carts, cranes and custom ramps to load the truck. This not only makes the move easier, but also ensures your safety with heavy objects. You may have used a friend’s truck a thousand times for other DIY projects, but lifting your three-piece sectional sofa or solid oak head board into the truck bed might be more work than you bargained for. One improperly handled heavy load can cause permanent back problems that are best to avoid. Professionals are already trained to use the equipment and are practiced with lifting heavy objects. While renting your own equipment is always an option, it may not be feasible or practical.
  3. Cost EffectivenessWhether you are making a long distance or local move, using professionals is often more cost effective than hiring a rental van to make the move yourself. For local moves, consider using the professionals to simply transport your large items, like furniture and appliances, and taking multiple trips in your own minivan or pickup truck for boxes of housewares. If you are making a long-distance interstate move, moving companies will charge by weight and distance, which can add up if you have more to transport. However, when you consider what it may cost you to take time off from work to prepare for the move, to hire a baby sitter or boarder for your pet while you pack up the house or to rent special equipment, a long-distance move can sometimes be more cost effective. Choosing a moving company carefully and reviewing comprehensive estimates from several different sources allows you to select a mover that best fits your budget.
  4. InsuranceOne of the most important benefits of hiring a professional mover is the ability to insure your valuables and home goods during transportation. While the help of friends and family may be available at only the cost of a few pizzas, the risk of having your brother drop the crystal goblets you were gifted for your wedding may outweigh the benefits of DIY moving. Standard moving insurance should be offered in the mover’s official estimate and usually covers 60 cents per pound. If you wish to purchase additional insurance, be sure that you understand exactly what is included and how much it will cost.
  5. Neighborhood FamiliarityMoving companies make it their job (literally) to know where they are going. This is especially advantageous if you are making a long-distance move and are not familiar with the routes or the exact location of your new home. You can trust your movers to outsmart the GPS and ensure that your property reaches its destination safely and without delay.
  6. Flexible Storage OptionsLastly, if your home’s closing date changes and you reach your destination later than expected or your new home is not ready to be moved into by the time you arrive, using professional movers gives you the flexibility to store your possessions until you are ready for them. Most moving companies have their own storage facilities, saving you the stress of figuring out where you can keep your property on such short notice. While this does entail extra costs, you can be confident that your possessions are safe and secure while you wait for your move to be finalized, whether it is just overnight or for several months.