How to Reinstate a CDL in Arizona

A suspended CDL is the temporary removal of a driver’s privilege to drive commercial vehicles. A suspended CDL license can occur for various reasons including failing to maintain eligibility for authorization or committing multiple traffic violations. The suspension period can vary in length depending on the reason for the suspension. After the commercial drivers license suspension period has ended, it is the driver’s responsibility to apply for a suspended CDL license reinstatement. It is crucial that CDL-holders understand why a suspension could occur, how long the suspension can last and how to properly reinstate suspended CDL license to avoid further problems. Continue reading the sections below for more information.

Reasons for a Suspended CDL in Arizona

A commercial drivers license suspension means that the license is temporarily invalid and cannot be used by the driver to operate a vehicle. A suspended commercial driving license can happen for a few different reasons, including the following:

  • The driver did not complete the required CDL medical test and submit a current medical examiner certificate.
  • The driver did not submit any requested additional information or add restrictions to his or her license.
  • The driver did not meet the necessary medical standards to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Drivers can also have their CDL suspended for not paying taxes or assessments to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). If a suspended CDL driver operates a commercial vehicle while under suspension, then he or she can receive a longer suspension or have the CDL revoked. Find out more about how Arizona commercial drivers license suspensions including how to have a CDL reinstated and the expected costs by downloading our comprehensive driving guide.

Procedure for Reinstating Suspended CDL License in Arizona

To reinstate suspended CDL license credentials, the driver must meet the requirements and pay applicable fees. Drivers must wait until after the commercial drivers license suspension period to reinstate their privileges. If the commercial driving license suspension lasted longer than a year, then the petitioner will need to retake all of the CDL tests and pay for a new license and the reinstatement fees. In some cases, suspended CDL drivers may be able to request a hearing.

Drivers can apply to reinstate suspended CDL license privileges online if they have a digital photo on file. However, if the driver does not have a digital photo on file, the application must occur in person at an authorized MVD office.

If the driver has a suspended CDL because a violation of vehicle insurance laws, a refusal to complete a drug or alcohol test or a court-convicted DUI, then he or she must also provide proof of financial responsibility, also known as an SR-22 form. It is very important that all suspended CDL-holders understand the full CDL reinstatement process to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

CDL Disqualifications in Arizona

A suspended CDL is slightly different when compared to a disqualified CDL. When a driver has his or her CDL suspended, it is temporarily invalid. However, a disqualification usually lasts at least one year and can possibly be a lifetime disqualification. Disqualifications are often determined by the court of law and frequently occur due to a driver being convicted of an offense when driving any motor vehicle.

Major offenses can cause a commercial driving license suspension or disqualification depending on the extent of the charge. The MVD may revoke or suspend CDL licenses for being convicted of being under the influence of alcohol, refusing to take an alcohol test and leaving the scene of an accident. For the first major violation, the driver will face either a one-year or three-year disqualification depending on the offense. The second violation will result in either a 10-year or lifetime disqualification of the CDL. If a driver is using any vehicle while committing a felony involving the manufacturing, distributing or dispensing of a controlled substance, then his or her CDL will be disqualified for the drivers’ lifetime with no option to have the CDL license reinstated.

The other type of violation that can cause a disqualified or suspended CDL license is a serious traffic violation, such as excessive speeding, reckless driving and driving a CMV without obtaining a CDL. Drivers may not have to reinstate a suspended CDL license after the first serious violation of traffic law, as they may not receive a disqualification for their first offense but a fine. However, the second time a serious violation occurs within three years there will be a 60-day disqualification. The third time a violation happens within three years there will be a 120-day disqualification. For more information on what specific actions or violations constitute the different disqualifications.

The last types of disqualifications that cause a suspended CDL license occurs when a driver violates the rules set in place for railroad crossings and/or out-of-service orders. Drivers will need to reinstate suspended CDL license credentials for violating a railroad-highway grade crossing (RRHGC) offense violating out-of-service orders (OOSO). Drivers will face a CDL suspension or disqualification for failing to stop at railroad tracks when they notice that a train is coming toward the crossing. An example of violating out-of-service orders (OOSO) includes a driver operating a vehicle after being told that the vehicle has out-of-service orders put in place due to maintenance that must occur on the brakes. It is crucial that the driver understands the various disqualifications so that he or she can avoid any violations that could potentially disqualify the CDL and/or cause a suspended CDL. If their license is suspended, then they will need to know how to reinstate a CDL based on the reason for the suspension.